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Dagannoth Kings


The Dagannoth Kings (commonly abbreviated DKs) are a group of three dagannoths that live deep in the cave on Waterbirth Island which is a multiway combat area. They are each level 303, and also represent the combat triangle. Each of them uses a different combat style, is weak against the type that defeats them on the combat triangle, and has a high defence against all others. Each King possesses his own unique ring drop, except for Rex who has two. The rings give the best bonuses for their respective styles in the ring slot. All three kings have the ability to drop the dragon axe.

Each also drop dagannoth bones.

Dagannoth Rex - Attacks with Melee and is weak to Magic. Unique loots include: Berserker ring and Warrior ring. Dagannoth Prime - Attacks with Magic and is weak to Ranged. Unique loots include: Seers ring and Mud battlestaff. Dagannoth Supreme - Attacks with Ranged and is weak to Melee. Unique loots include: Archers ring and Seercull.

How to get there?

Refer to this video on how to get to the Kings Lair and how to navigate Prime and Supreme in order to reach Rex so you may kill him alone without the other two kings bothering you.

For starters, you will need to have completed The Fremennik_Trialsplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThe Fremennik Trials

Natives of Rellekka seldom welcome outsiders. Relatively distant from other populated areas, the people have come to enjoy their solitude and have developed a distrust of those other than their own kin. Recently, in an effort to promote trade, the council has decided to make repairs to the footbridge connecting Kandarin to this area. Its now up to you, bold adventurer that you are, to find a way to engage with these distant people and (with luck) perhaps even integrate i…

For Solo Rex, my suggestion would be to Teleport to Camelot, bank at Seers Village and run north to the Relleka Docks. On the way you will speak to Askeladden to receive a pet rock. (Needed to open the door in Waterbirth dungeon without a partner) It is important to keep that empty inventory spot for the pet rock each time you visit (unless you are going with a friend)

At the Relekka Docks, you will speak with Jarvald to sail to Waterbirth Island. (1000 GP)


Upon arriving at Waterbirth Island, continue along the path until you reach the dungeon entrance. Make sure you have about 50% or more energy before entering the dungeon.

Waterbirth Dungeon Entrance.

Run North-East to the door which requires either two people, or a pet rock. If solo, drop the pet rock on one platform, stand on the other platform, proceed to open the door. You can leave your pet rock there as you will be getting another before next trip. (not worth the inventory space)

Use the Pet Rock to unlock the path forward.

From here, run east past the Giant Rock Crabs and you will find your first road block. All 3 blockades need to be attacked at the same time, which normally would require 3 individual people to take each path, attack each barricade separately. However, with a rune thrownaxe special, we can attack one gate and it will bounce and hit all 3.

Use Rune Thrownaxe Special to clear the barricades.

After entering the loading area past the three barricades we have to descend deeper into the dungeon. The path forward is long, you will be attacked along the way so it is important to protect the correct prayer in order to mitigate damage taken along the way. Recommendation is to have at least 70% run before you continue further. Protect Magic before going down the ladder

Room # What to do
1 Run through this room and continue to the ladder, Protect Magic as the Wallasalkis hit rather hard (20+). These are the most important monster to protect against as they hit the hardest and attack you all at once.
2 Switch to Protect from Melee, continue to the ladder
3 Continue around the room past the Giant Rock Crabs, keep Protect melee up
4 Important Do not take the ladder to the south, continue to the western ladder as this is the correct path to the Kings Lair. Continue past the Dagannoths to the western ladder. Switch to protect from magic BEFORE going down the ladder
5 Run past the Wallasalkis with protect from magic on to the next ladder
6 Run to the next ladder (protect from magic still up)
7 Run to the southern ladder (protect from magic still up)
8 Run to the eastern ladder (protect from magic still up)
9 Switch to protect from melee and run past the dagannoths to the next ladder
10 Run to the next ladder (protect from melee/ranged still up)
11 Run to the next ladder (protect from melee/ranged still up)
12 This is the last room before the Kings Lair, I usually rest up by going south of the ladder which acts as a safespot from the Rock Lobsters ( Awesome for Crimson Charm farming btw). I would get about 60-70% energy for the final run. Run through the room with protect from melee up until you reach the open area, switch to protect from magic because of those pesky Wallasalkis. Keep protect from magic up before you climb down the ladder to the Kings Lair.

Dag King Lair Entrance

Solo Rex?

This Guide will cover solo Rex with magic as it has the lowest requirements. This can be done as low as 43 prayer, and 50 magic for slayer dart, or 59 magic (for Chaos Gauntlets from the family crestplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigquest_guides:family_crest

Start Point

Dimintheis in south east Varrock, next to the fancy dress shop.


* 59 Magic level * 40 Mining level * 40 Smithing level * 40 Crafting level


* Difficulty: Beginner. * Length: Long.

Items Required

This can be a great way to get yourself a Dragon Axe for WC, or a Berserker Ring


  • Monk robes for prayer bonus
  • God Book for prayer bonus
  • Mitre for prayer bonus
  • God Cape for Magic Bonus
  • Wizard boots/mystic boots for magic bonus
  • Chaos Gauntlets (if using fire bolt) or best mage bonus gloves.

You do need some magic bonus unlike in authentic Runescape, I have noticed significant differences in damage output when wearing Proselyte over Monk Robes. With this set up you will last a very long time with protect from Melee.


Remember the ratio for each spell

Fire Bolt = 3 Air to every Chaos rune

Slayer Dart = 4 Mind runes to every Death rune

You can easily last over 5000 casts with this method.

  • 1 Antipoision potion ( you can get poisoned if you stand in the incorrect spot) better to bring one just incase
  • 15 Prayer potions
  • Runes for your spell of choice
  • Rune thrownaxe to pass the barricades
  • Nature runes for High Alch
  • 1,000 Coins to reach Waterbirth Island
  • The rest of inventory is for food
  • 1 Empty inventory slot for retrieving the Pet rock

Avoiding Prime and Supreme

When you climb down into the lair, you may be greeted with a big blue blast from Prime or ranged projectile from Supreme. You may ask, how do I only kill rex and take no damage? The answer is finesse.

The goal here is to enter the lair wearing protect from magic, and try to navigate around or through Prime and Supreme in order to get to the back of the lair and fight Rex alone. If you get attacked, simply walk back up the ladder and try again, hoping you do not get attacked by either. Please refer to the video for this process as it is straightforward, but scary the first time you do it. Remember, ALWAYS have protect from magic on as Prime can hit 50, Supreme can only hit in the 30's so if you have to tank a hit, you would rather tank the hit from Supreme on your pop in to the lair.

Running between Supreme and Prime

Where to stand/How to kill Rex

Once you have successfully navigated past Supreme and Prime and are dealing with Rex only, you can safely attack Rex with protect from melee and take no damage. If you stand in this general area you will be outside of the attack range for Prime and Supreme, as well as out of the range of the Spinolyps which will attack you with range and magic which can hit 10's and poison you.

Killing Rex

Where to Stand

Demonstration of Kill and Where to stand

Prime and Suppreme Together?

For starters, I would not bother doing this unless you have a Pak yak. You lose so much profit by not being able to bank the bones. You can also use a cannon in order to smoke Prime for the fastest kills possible. With Pak Yak full of supplies, you can easily last over 3 hours and rack up hundreds of kills banking all dagannoth bones, and collecting sweet loot in forms of seers/archer rings, mud battle staffs and dragon axes. Additionally the noted talisman drops arent too bad either.

The main things you have to consider when doing Prime and Suppreme are the following.

  1. Aggro Range: Prime and Suppreme will only attack you if you are within their aggro range. Once you realize the “safe” line you can stand to the left or right of that line and avoid getting stacked by 2 or more kings.
  2. After 10 minutes the kings lose aggro and you no longer have to worry about the aggro range.
  3. The aggro range of the creatures in the water - standing far away will allow you to all but avoid them for the entirety of the trip. (helpful when you lose aggro from the kings)
  4. You can actually pull Prime and Suppreme away from the water to avoid being hit by the creatures, but also stay behind the “safe line”
  5. Logging out resets aggro, so dont log out in the middle of the arena like an idiot and get clapped on login lol.
  6. Cannon is actually worth using since you can kill Suppreme significantly faster than prime, especially on slayer task. You would only have the cannon attack when killing Prime, and click to stop the cannon from attacking once he is dead to save balls and not hit any other kings.


  • Monk robes for prayer bonus, but no negative Ranged bonuses. Low weight
  • Rune Defender for melee offensive stats
  • Whip
  • Fury
  • Avas Accumulator for Range bonus and Bolt saving Capabilities
  • Dragon Boots for Melee offensive stats
  • Barrows Gloves for best in slot range and melee, downgrade to regen brace if you do not have.
  • Slayer helm when on task, Neitzenot Helm when off task (not recommended)
  • Ring of wealth since they hit the RDT quite often
  • Bolt racks for Karils X Bow or Broad bolts or better for Rune C bow.


  • Bow switch, Karils X bow > Rune C bow with Broad or better> Msb with rune arrows
  • Dragon dagger as spec weapon
  • Alch runes
  • Super Antipoison (4)
  • 2 Rune thrown axes ( incase one fucks up)
  • 1000 Coins to reach waterbirth
  • House tele tab to tele out
  • Cannonballs if using Cannon
  • 4 Cannon pieces if using Cannon
  • 2 additional Yak Pouches ( yes you last that fucking long)
  • Winter Storage Scrolls
  • 2 Sharks
  • 1 Super restore Potion/ Summoning Potion (4) to renew summoning points to renew Yak
  • 1 Super attack, Super strength and ranged potion
  • Rest is Prayer potion (4)'s

Pak Yak Inventory

  • Fill the Yak with approximately 24 Prayer Potion (4)
  • 1-2 additional Super Attack, Str, and Range Potion (so 3-6 spaces, adjust your prayer potions accordingly)
  • Additional Sharks to fill it up to 30.

As you use a Prayer potion you would take another out of the yak so you always have a potion on hand. Inventory management is tricky at first but eventually you start burning prayer potions and open up slots.

Killing all 3 using an alt

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