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Penguin Hide and Seek


Every week after the weekly reset, 10 penguins go into hiding across all of 2009Scape. If you can manage to find and spot these penguins, you will earn points that you can exchange for coins or experience.


There aren't any requirements to get started with spotting penguins on 2009scape, although some of them may be located in areas locked behind quests such as Zanaris or may be located in the wilderness.


For each point turned in, you will receive your choice of 6,500 coins or an amount of xp in a skill of your choice equal to your level in that skill multiplied by 25.

Pro Tip: Experience received from minigames is multiplied by your xp rate

All Locations

After each weekly reset the penguins will find 10 locations where they will remain until the next reset. You can talk to Larry inside of the penguin exhibit in the Ardougne Zoo to get a vague clue as to where the penguins might be hiding. Check the “penguin-spying” channel in the 2009scape Discord Server for details on where they've been spotted for the current week!

Larry ClueLocationLocation ImagePenguin Type
located in the northern desertNext to the Plateskirt store in Al-Kharid
located in the southern desertIn the Al-Kharid Desert just northwest of the Desert Mining Camp
located between Fremennik and barbariansJust north of Barbarian Assault at Barbarian Outpost
located where banana smugglers dwellNear the Karamja Goldmine at its northwest corner
located south of ArdougneOutside of Castle Wars
located deep in the jungleIn the Karamja Jungle near Tai Bwo Wannai (fairy ring CKR)
located where eagles flyNorth side of Eagle's Peak
located south of ArdougneInside the Tree Gnome Village maze between two benches
located near a big tree surrounded by short peopleWest side of Tree Gnome Stronghold
located in the kingdom of AsgarniaNorth side of Goblin Village
located in the northern desertOutside the Mage Training Arena (West side)
located somewhere in the kingdom of KandarinInside McGrubor's Wood (fairy ring ALS)
located south of ArdougneJust north of the Observatory
located where wizards studySouth side of the Wizards Tower (fairy ring DIS)
located where the Imperial Guard trainJust north of the Warriors Guild in Burthorpe
located in the kingdom of MisthalinNorth side of the Digsite
located near some ogresEast side of Feldip Hills near where Rantz would be
located in the Kingdom of AsgarniaNext to the Oracle on Ice Mountain
located between Fremennik and barbariansJust east of the Lighthouse
located in the kingdom of MisthalinAt the front entrance to Draynor Manor
located in the Kingdom of MisthalinIn the Varrock Lumberyard
located where no weapons may goThe northwest tip of Entrana
located in the kingdom of MisthalinOutside of Father Urhney's hut in Lumbridge Swamp
located in the fairy realmZanaris near the wheat mill

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