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Start Point

Mage of Zamorak at the the Wilderness (Roams ls 4-7) near Edgeville.


  • None


  • Difficulty: Beginner.
  • Length: Short.


  • Ability to enter the Abyss
  • 1,000 Runecraft XP
  • Abyssal book
  • Small pouch (able to carry 3 essences)

Experience received from a task as a reward is multiplied by your xp rate


1. Talk to Mage of Zamorak at the Wilderness, he tell you that we can talk in Varrock.

2. We go to the designated place:

3. Talk again to Mage of Zamorak and ask him about runes. He will tell you about the Abyss and that he is having problems. Say that you will help him.

4. He will then give you a scrying orb. He will explain that you need to travel to the rune essence mine from three different locations with the orb in your inventory.

Below is a map of the locations. You need to find a mage NPC that allows teleportation.

  • The first one Aubury is right next to the exit of the chaos temple you are in,
  • Second is in the Wizards Tower basement (the one at which you start the rune mysteries questplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigStart Point

    Duke Horacio. First floor of Lumbridge Castle.


    * None


    * Difficulty: Beginner. * Length: Short.


    * 1 Quest Point * Access to mine Essences * Air Talisman


    1. Talk to Duke.

    (He will explain that although he himself has no tasks for the player, he did find a strange talisman. Curious about its origin, he will give you an
  • The last one is located in a room in Ardougne next to the market square.


5. After enter to the all of the 3 rune essence mine, you will be told that you can return to the Mage of Zamorak in Varrock. After talking to the mage, you will receive a reward and the ability to use abyss to create runes.


1. You now have access to abyss.

  • To get there go through the wilderness from the edgeville bank and run north. There will be a Mage of Zamorak standing there who will have a teleport option after completing the miniquest:
  • After getting into the abyss, your prayer level will be reduced to 0!

Main Chamber

You will tranport to outside of the chamber from which you will have to find a passage to the main chamber. Below you will see the options that you can use to get to the main side quickly:

I recommend having a pick in hand

1. By Agility Skill:

2. By Mining Skill (Required any pickaxe):

3. By Woodcutting Skill (Required any Axe):

4. By Firemaking Skill (Required tinderbox):

5. By Thieving Skill:

6. Fast passage to which usually leads the longest route, but the passage is immediate and always successful without any requirements:

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Below is a list of the quest currently implemented in 2009Scape.

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