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Tribal Totem Quick Guide

You need

  • To be able to travel to Brimhaven and Ardougne
  1. Go to Brimhaven
  2. Talk to Kangai Mau in the restaurant opposite Sandy
  3. Go to Ardougne
  4. Talk to Wizard Cromperty in the house north east of ardy square
  5. Get him to teleport you
  6. Search the crate and get the Address label
  7. Use the label on the wizard crate next to it
  8. Make sure you talk to the transporter employee to actually send the crate into the house!
  9. Go to the locked house with nice front yard west of Ardougne square
  10. Talk to the employee standing nearby
  11. Get the wizard to teleport you again
  12. Open the door to the staircase room
  13. Enter KURT in the lock
  14. Climb the stairs
  15. Go to the wizard and get teleported again
  16. Investigate the stairs
  17. Climb the stairs
  18. Search the chest in the bedroom
  19. Give the totem back to Kangai Mau
  20. ???
  21. Profit

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