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The Varrock Achievement Dairies

Starting Points:

  • Rat Burgiss, south of Varrock (Easy tasks)
  • Reldo, in the Varrock Library (Medium tasks)
  • Vannaka, in the Edgeville Dungeon (Hard tasks)


  • Starting Point:

Rat Burgiss, south of Varrock (You are not required to start here but it is where you will get the rewards for this set of tasks).

  • Required Skill Levels:
    • 15 Mining
    • 13 Agility
    • 8 Crafting
    • 10 Construction
    • 10 Mining
    • 20 Fishing
    • Recommended: 25 Magic (For Varrock Teleport)
    • Recommended: Combat level or food to deal with various aggressive monsters you will encounter.
  • Required Quests:
    • Rune Mysteries
    • On 2009Scape you will need to have at least 50 Quest Points to complete the Varrock Easy Diaries.1)
  • Required Items:
    • At least 5,150 gp
    • Pickaxe (any type)
    • Logs
    • Axe
    • Bones
    • Soft Clay
    • Earth Tiara or Earth Talisman
    • Fly-Fishing Rod
    • Feathers (depending on your fishing level, rng, and xp multiplier this may take anywhere from 1-100 feathers)
  • Recommended Items:
    • Charged Amulet of glory
    • Varrock teleport runes (Requires 25 Magic to cast) (5+ sets) or Varrock teleport tabs (5+)

Quickest Ways to Complete

  • Start: Edgeville (Amulet of glory)
  • Do the tasks in this order: 11, 5, 10, 17,
  • then teleport to Varrock and do 8, 1, 2, 13, 18, 12, 15, 19, 4, 7, 14, 16, 3, 6.



1. Have Thessalia show you what outfits you can wear

Talk to Thessalia in her clothing store at the location marked “1” on the map and select the 'change clothes' option by right clicking.

2. Have Aubury teleport you to the essence mine

Visit Aubury's Rune Shop at the location marked “2” on the map, right-click him and select the 'Teleport' option. Requires completion of Rune Mysteries quest.

3. Mine some iron ore in the Mining spot, south-east of Varrock

Grab a pickaxe and exit Varrock by the east entrance, walk south until you find the mine just past the end of the wall at the location marked “3” on the map. Once there mine some Iron ore.

4. Make a plank at the sawmill

Collect any of the following type of logs (you only need 1 log to complete this task) and the required gp to exchange them for plank(s):

Log Type Cost for plank production
regular Log 100 gp each
Oak 250 gp each
Teak 500 gp each
Mahogany 1,500 gp each

5. Enter the second level of the Stronghold of Security

Make your way to the “Climb-down entrance” to the Stronghold of Security, found in a hole in the mining area of the Barbarian Village at the location marked “5” on the map. Once you are in, navigate through the doors (while answering security questions) till you reach the ladder descending to the second level. (See map with suggest route below) Note that, while you are on this first level you are safe from attack so long as you do not click on or attack any of the monsters found within! Once you reach the ladder to the next floor down, click it and accept the risks in the warning you will see. Note: You will still be safe from attack only in the first area you come to at the bottom of this ladder.

6. Jump over the fence, south of Varrock

Click the Jump-over Fence spot located at the “6” on our map to the west of Rat Burgiss and south of Varrock. Note: this requires an Agility Level of at least 13.

7. Chop down a dying tree in the Lumber Yard

Grab any wood-cutting axe and click the Squeeze-under the fence spot (Note small white arrow on our map pointing to the spot) at the Lumber yard and chop down a dead tree. This will be in the general area marked “7” on our map.

8. Buy a copy of the Varrock Herald

Talk-to Benny (found near the area marked “8” on our map) and choose “Can I have a newspaper, please?” for 50gp.

9. Give a stray dog a bone

Find one of the stray dogs in Varrock and Right-click to select “use” a single normal bone in your inventory with it. If you accidentally just click on the stray dog you will wind up “Shooing away” the dog, making the task take longer. Note: The “9” marker can be found on our map at all the Stray dog spawn points in Varrock for 2009Scape.

10. Make a bowl on the pottery wheel then fire it in the pottery oven, all in the Barbarian Village

Use Soft clay (use a Bucket of water on some Clay) with a pottery wheel (found on the east side of the building marked “10” on our map) to produce an Unfired bowl. Next, use this on the furnace in the same room to produce a Bowl. Note that you must make and fire it in Barbarian village or it will not count for this task.2)

11. Enter Edgeville Dungeon using the entrance to the south of Edgeville

Enter the Edgeville Dungeon to the south of the Edgeville bank by opening the Trap door found at the location marked as “11” on our map and descending the ladder.

12. Move your player-owned house portal to a different location using the Varrock estate agent

Bring at least 5,000 gp and talk to the Real estate agent in the building marked “12” on our map just east of Varrock Castle. Choose to move your house to a different location. Note this will require you to have achieved at least Level 10 in the Construction skill. If you haven't already bought a house you will need to do this first (which will cost an additional 1,000 gp) before you can have it moved. Your first house will be located in Rimmington. The costs for moving and the locations available include:

Level Required: Location: Cost to move:
Level 10 Taverley 5,000 gp
Level 20 Pollnivneach 7,500 gp
Level 30 Rellekka 10,000 gp
Level 40 Brimhaven 15,000 gp
Level 50 Yanille 25,000 gp

13. Speak to Haig Halen after obtaining at least 50 quest points

Talk to the Museum curator Haig Halen in the Varrock Museum (marked “13” on our map) ground floor once you have at least 50 Quest Points. On 2009Scape you will need to have at least 50 Quest Points to complete the Varrock Easy Diaries. This is to take the place of the original requirement of having 50 Kudos which requires a Quest and options not available here as of this writing (9 October 2023).

14. Enter the Earth Altar using an earth tiara or talisman

Enter the Earth Altar (located near the “14” mark on our map) while either wearing an Earth tiara or having an Earth Talisman in your inventory. Note: you do NOT have to craft earth runes to complete this task.

15. Have Elsie tell you a story

Grab (steal) a Cup of tea from the Tea stall (Requires Level 5 Thieving) located southeast of Varrock's eastern bank (Note the greenish glowing cup of tea icon on our map). Next, head to the church in Varrock and Climb the stairs found at the “15” mark on our map to reach the next floor up. There you will find Elsie sitting in her rocking chair. Right-click and “Use” the Cup of tea on her (be careful not to just click on the Cup of tea in your inventory or you will wind up drinking it yourself and have to get another one) to have her tell you a story.

16. Mine some limestone near Paterdomus, the temple to the east of Varrock

Grab a pickaxe and head east out of Varrock and then bear to the northeast. Open and pass through the gate (noted with a small light-blue arrow on our map) and keep going to the mine found at the spot marked “16”. Mine at least one Limestone. Note that this only requires a Mining Level of 1.

17. Catch a trout in the river to the east of Barbarian Village

Grab some feathers and your Fly-fishing rod and Fly-fish at one of the spots marked as “17” in the river east of the Barbarian Village until you catch a Trout. Make sure to bring more than one Feather as you may not catch a Trout on your first try. Note: The “17” marker can be found on our map at both fishing locations used to complete this task.

18. Venture through the cobwebbed corridor in Varrock Sewers

Grab a knife or sword (slashing weapon) and head to the location marked “18” on our map, enter the sewers and follow the map below to find the webs you will need to slash and walk just beyond to complete this section. You will need to walk just beyond the web's remains to complete this task.


19. Find the highest point in Varrock

Head to the Palace in Varrock and climb the main staircase just inside the front entrance. You will then see a ladder in a room with a bathtub to the east. Enter this room using the door, climb the ladder, and then Climb up the spiral staircase to reach the spot marked “19” on our map. 3)


After completing all of the Easy tasks head to Rat Burgiss to receive your rewards. These include:

  • Antique Lamp: This gives 1,000 experience (@ 1x) to the skill of your choice when rubbed.
  • Varrock armour 1: (If you ever lose this armour you can talk to Rat Burgiss again to get a replacement).
    • Armour Bonuses: While wearing the armour…
      • When smithing at the furnace in Edgeville you have a chance of smelting two bars at once up to and including Steel Bars
      • When mining you have a chance of mining two ores at once up to and including Coal

Medium Tasks

[Coming Soon, Not able to be completed at this time (11 October 2023) in 2009Scape]

Hard Tasks

[Coming Soon, Not able to be completed at this time (11 October 2023) in 2009Scape]


  • Zencro: 11 October 2023 - Initial page

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This is to take the place of the original requirement of having 50 Kudos which requires a Quest and options not available here as of this writing (9 October 2023).
Note that if you have not already completed the Dragon Slayer Quest this might be a good opportunity to also produce an Unfired bowl for use in that Quest.
Note: there may be alternate locations in which to do this including other locations in the palace as well as continuing up the staircase past the spot “15” where you speak with Elsie.
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