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Corporeal Beast


The Corporeal Beast, often referred to simply as Corp, is a large monster residing in its lair, accessible via a games necklace or through an entrance in level 33 Wilderness South of Red Dragon Isle. It has a very large health pool of 2,000 Hitpoints, coupled with high Defence and 50% damage reduction against most weapons. It's no joke Chief.

The Corporeal Beast is the only monster to drop the spirit shield, as well as the holy elixir and Spectral, Arcane, Elysian, and Divine sigils, used to enhance it. In addition to its sigil drops, the Corporeal Beast has many other valuable drops.

Requirements to access the corp cave are the Summer's End quest or the requirements until the quest is implemented.

Grave Mechanics are the same as in the wilderness. you do NOT get a grave and only have 2 minutes to retrieve your stuff. Keep this in mind when risking void, berserker rings, or a large stack of cannonballs as if you DC/power goes out etc, you can kiss those goodbye. Additionally, after 1 minute, your items will be available for ANYONE to pick up which can be good or bad. (you can loot your alt with your other accounts, or another player can steal your shit)

Kill Overview

  • Corp hits hard and often, is capable of hitting 65 attacking with melee, and magic that cannot be fully protected against using prayer.
  • Damage is reduced by half for all weapons that are not Spears or Magic. Zamorak Spear and Vesta Spear are best in slot for 2009scape
  • When corp reaches half health a core will be released that will jump to a players location. The player must move at least 2 tiles away in order to not take damage and heal corp.
  • Since Corp can hit 65, it is possible to be stacked out without the possibility to eat due to RNG. This is not safe to do on a HCIM.
  • Running under corp will result in him stomping the ground inflicting damage upwards of 50. You cannot run under him for any reason or risk getting clapped.
  • Summoning familiars will be devoured upon entering the corp lair. Beast of Burdens can be brought and their inventory will be dropped to the ground and remain there for approximately 5 minutes (long enough for the kill)
  • Should all players leave the lair, Corp will regenerate to full HP and take no damage. This means that you cannot just place cannons in there and let it kill Corp, also if you are soloing, one misclick on the exit and you lose all of your progress.


  • Big Magic Attack that can hit up to 65 damage. This attack hits through prayer. This attack is a bigger white magic blast

  • Small Magic Attack that can hit up to 50 - completely blocked by protect from magic. Getting hit by this attack will reduce your stats.

  • Sperm Blast attack - Corp nuts on your future. You can avoid this attack by making better life choices (run away from it). The attack will hit all players in a 3×3 radius of impact. Protect from magic will reduce damage from this attack.

  • Melee attack - when in melee range, corp will swipe at you dealing upwards of 55 damage. Can be protected from with prayer.


The Corp Lair is located in Level 33 Wilderness, easily reachable by a games necklace.


Solo is possible, but in order to successfully pull it off you need a few things in order to make it actually feasable.

  1. You need a Cannon and Cannonballs (expect to drop 100-130 balls per kill) - Required, You cannot do this at all without a cannon.
  2. You need a Statius Warhammer to lower corp's defense - Id put this as necessary, but its still possible without
  3. You need a spirit terrorbird full of sharks as a buffer. - Again id put this as necessary since bad RNG will have you tele out and waste your cannonballs
  4. Full Melee Void - Helps but not totally necessay.


  • Void will work better but its a bit of a risk and not 100% necessary. Void will save you cannonballs long term.
  • Some people prefer Karils over Black Dragonhide, personally I find it opposite as you will be protecting from magic, and I consider Black D hide as plentyful and cheap.


  • This assumes that you spend a separate trip to set down the cannon and sip a super set at the bank.

Cannon Placement

Cannon placement is key as you need a spot where the cannon will hit Corp 3x per rotation. The 3x spot is mandatory, you are not able to solo without it. An example of a spot is located here for solo. Stand where the red square is in order to have the cannon placed as shown in the picture. Refer to the video below for an example. Refer to the video on how to lure corp where he needs to stand in order to set up the 3 shot spot.

Example of a Solo Kill

  • The idea is to melee Corp, and take a step back to be out of melee range. You would time your attacks with his attacks so that you never get meleed (in a perfect scenario)


Killing corp in a group setting where there are multiple players (thus multiple cannons) is ideal as the cannon with a 3x shot location with multiple players makes quick work of corp. Personally I do most of my kills Trolo with 3 maxed accounts and cannons, but the same principles can be applied to a group of people who want to kill corp together.


  • Equipment does not need to be as good as solo
  • With Protect item you risk only your amulet, ring, boots, top and bottom. Along with entire inventory.


  • Can ditch the super set when running 3 accounts as you will still get 2-3 kills per inventory. Prayer potion is for when you do 3 kills as you will need to take a sippy sippy.

Cannon Placement

Unlike the solo method, we are looking for more than one location with a 3x cannon shot per rotation. I have marked below where to stand in order to place cannons. I have also marked priority in terms of which ones to use when Solo, Duo, or Trio.

Please refer to the below example to show where to stand to lure corp into placement for 3x cannon shots per rotation.

Example of a Group Kill


Corp has a lucritive drop table which can be looked up here

After some calculations, making modest assumptions for current prices of drops and assuming zero value for sigils (due to them being priceless and rare) The average Corp kill is about 165K GP (1/23/2024 assumptions by H A X)

Given that the average kill takes about 120 cannonballs (regardless of group vs solo) and about 30k in supplies (sharks, prayer potions, super sets) You can profit killing corp even when cannonballs are 1k each, (although barely).

The 4 main drops you are after are the sigils to create the powerful spirit shields

Shield Passive Effects

  • Elysian - 70% chance of reducing the damage the player receives by 25%
  • Divine - 100% to reduce the damage the player receives by 30%, half of reduced damage is reduced from prayer.

Credits: H A X.

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