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Giant Mole


Deep beneath Falador Park rests the bane of Wyson the Gardner's existence. Nightmares of tunnels and digging have led Wyson to offer a bounty for confirmed kills in the form of birds nests. Will you commit mass genocide and reap the benefits for use of farming and herblore grinds?

The Giant Mole is located in the tunnels beneath Falador Park. A spade is required to enter her lair. A light source is also needed to be able to see in the dark tunnels. A bullseye lantern is highly recommended; any candles, torches, or oil lamps will be extinguished if she retreats within melee range. If you are using an unprotected light source such as a candle, you will need a tinderbox to reignite it.


  • High combat levels
  • Good food (sharks or better) and/or prayer potions
  • Stat boosting potions
  • 70 Prayer for Piety
  • 99 Strength and Strength cape (if using Dharoks)
  • Energy/Super Energy potions


There are quite a few ways to kill the mole. The area is multi combat so you may kill in masses or kill solo. However, the universal and most efficiently accepted method is to use Dharok the Wretched's equipment and 1 health (often achieved by guzzling a Dwarven rock cake ), as well as having the Protect from Melee prayer active to avoid taking any damage. This results in higher hits that decrease the time it takes to kill her significantly.

Using Dharoks with 99 Strength, Strength Skillcape, Super Strength potion, Piety, and max strength gear (for remaining slots) can result in hitting 110+ damage and effectively put you into 2 hit territory.

That Annoying Digging Ho:

Periodically throughout the fight the mole will dig and reappear in another location in the lair. This will extinguish your light source if within melee distance (unless you are using a bullseye lantern) and require you move to her new location. This will require you to locate the Mole in the rather large lair to continue the fight.

In a perfect world you would be able to complete the Falador Hard Diary to receive the mole locator ability from the shield, however that is not implemented as of yet. However, see below for some Hax.

Hax Methods:

Using a combat familiar (such as a wolpertinger) will have your familiar run towards the Mole's new location upon burrowing (acting like a bootleg locator). Personally, I “call” my familiar when I attack the mole and run in the direction my familiar runs upon burrowing to narrow down the direction to run. I find calling my familiar when I attack to be more consistent with my familiar running towards her new location.


The main reason to kill mole is to receive mole parts (Claws and skins) which are guaranteed drops (quantities vary for skins, however you are guaranteed at least 1 of each for a guaranteed 2 nests per kill, minimum) and exchange them for birds nests from Wyson. Birds nests can then be ground and used to create Saradomin Brews using the Herblore Skill.

Additionally, Giant Mole can be a decent source of Iron Ore and Yew logs.

Credits: H A X.

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