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God Wars Dungeon

The God Wars Dungeon contains some of the most powerful enemies you will encounter in 2009Scape. These are the armies from the ancient God Wars doomed to struggle eternally. It is here, you can find the shards and hilts of the legendary God Sword. The generals here include Commander Zilyana, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Kree'ara and Graador. These powerful bosses are possible to tackle alone, but a team effort is how the bosses were originally intended. All of the bosses require a small time investment as you will need to kill some of their followers in order to enter the boss arena. This is called a Kill Count.


How to get there?

The fastest way to God Wars is to use the Trollheim Teleport spell. This will take you to the mountain just south of the entrance. From there, you should climb down to the north side of the mountain. You will see a boulder with a snowy environment behind. This requires 60 Agility or Strength to pass through. The wolves behind are aggressive and can gang up on you, so do not dwell here long. You will need to use a rope on the broken pillar in front of the large hole.


Boulder entrance to God Wars.

Preliminary Preparation.

Regardless of which particular boss you are attempting to fight. You need to have, and know a few things.

A rope to use on the broken pillar at the entrance. This allows you to descend into the dungeon. Once you have done this, you never need to bring a rope again. If you are planning to go Zilyana, bring three ropes.

At least one item dedicated to Zamorak AND Saradomin. For example, a complete God Book(unfinished one buyable at the Lighthouse) and a Holy or Unholy Symbol. WARNING: If you enter the God Wars dungeon without an item related to one of these Gods, then you are a target for their NPCs. They hit hard, and it is a multi-combat zone. You can swap these out later before entering the boss room. The other gods followers will attack you but their holy items are less common. Nor are their followers as dangerous as the Zamorakians or Saradominists in the main area.


Initial location after descending the rope.

Stat Requirements.

70 Prayer for Piety. 50 at absolute minimum if you are in a team.


Kree: 95+ ranged, 90+ defence, 85+ Magic

Graador: 95+ attack, strength, defence. 85+ Magic

Zilyana: 95+ ranged 85+ Magic

K'ril: 95+ attack, defence, strength, 85+ Magic


Kree: 90+ ranged, 85 defence. 80+ Magic

Graador: 90+ attack, 85+ strength, 85+defence, 80+ Magic.

Zilyana: 90+ attack, 85+ strength, 85+ defence, 90+ Ranged, 80+ Magic.

K'ril: 90+ attack, 90+ strength, 90+ defence, 80+ Magic

High Magic is recommended as it raises your Magic Defence and gives further protection from the minions as you concentrate on the main boss.

Summoning is recommended for Terror Bird, Tortoise and Pack Yak summons. These will allow you to bring more food and potions and thus survive for longer. This is especially useful for solo runners. Steel Titan requires the heavy investment of 99 Summoning, but can be very useful to finish off some of the bosses. Furthermore, Fruit Bat/Elemental Titan/Unicorn are all useful for healing should your Beast of Burden run out of time.

Basic Equipment

This is largely dependent on which boss you are planning to fight. However, you should generally have at least …

  • 4-6 Prayer Potions. '
  • 1-2 Super Attack
  • 1-2 Super Strength
  • 1-2 Super Defence
  • 1 Magic Potion.
  • 1 Saradomin Brew

You can mix and match this list depending on which attack method you are focusing on for each boss. Zilyana would need less attack and strength potions for example.

  • Half of your inventory should be Sharks or better. Basically, take your best food source.
  • Bones to peaches tablets can be used to change the bones of the general's minions into extra food. This can squeeze another one or two trips out of each run.
  • Teleport Tablet just in case you run out of options. Be aware that if you die while soloing you are very unlikely to reach your grave in time due to the kill count requirement.

Kill Count

In order to enter a particular boss arena. You need to kill some of their followers. Recommendations will be given in each individual section. You need to achieve a kill count of 40. Should you log in and out, then this number will remain. If you leave the dungeon, the kill count will reset. Once you enter the arena, your kill count is reset and you will need to achieve this number again. For speed purposes, it is better to kill enemies that are already damaged from engaging with other NPCs.

Bandos Encampment

Additional Requirements: 70+ Strength


  • Hammer in order to open the door to the boss room. Do NOT forget this. If you do, then imps or goblins, can drop hammers.
  • Bring potions stated above.
  • A mix of Barrows equipment such as Guthan's. Dharok's helm is worse than the others, but Torag's has the worst set bonus if you don't want to risk pieces. Bringing a full set of Guthan's is not recommended due to the expense of losing it. Verac's helm and legs have a prayer bonus and are as good as Torag's defensively.
  • An Abyssal Whip.
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Berserker Ring or Ring of Life.
  • Dragon Square Shield or a Blessed Spirit Shield. The absolutely best in slot would be a Divine Spirit Shield for tanking purposes. However, this requires tackling another challenging boss.
  • Dragonfire Shield is also another great option since it has good melee defence and a strength bonus, but it is difficult to acquire.

Kill Count Recommendation:

Immediately north of where you descended you will find some goblins and hobgoblins fighting vampires and other NPCs. Kill the Goblins as they are very weak, and you will achieve a quick kill count.



From there proceed immediately West until you encounter a large door. You need to use your hammer on this door. After passing through this door, head north until you find another large door. Be ready, once you pass through then you will be immediately attacked.


  • General Graador is accompanied by three minions.
  • Sergeant Grimspike uses ranged.
  • Sergeant Steelwill uses magic. He is the other biggest threat in the arena.
  • Sergeant Strongstack uses melee.

General Graador requires a slight tactics change depending on if you are in a team or not.


If you are solo then you should immediately engage Graador. You must turn on Protect From Melee. Graador can hit more than 30 so don't let your health slip too slow. Once you kill Graador, then you should turn on protect from Magic and kill Steelwill, then turn on Protect from Ranged for Grimspike and Protect from Melee for Strongstack. Remember to turn the Protect from Melee prayer off to conserve your prayer, but turn it on again soon if you plan to stay. There is an altar in the arena which you may use to restore your prayer. It has a cooldown, but can be used again if you survive.


One player should turn on Protect from Melee and then engage with Graador. The other players should turn on Protect from Ranged, as this will protect from Graador's secondary attack which will target the whole arena. Everyone should attack Graador, then once he is dead. You should attack Steelwill, Grimspike and finally Strongstack. You can flick prayer between Melee/Ranged after Steelwill is dead.

Note: The minions here can drop Chilli potatoes. These can heal 14 HP and extend your runs.


Video example.

Solo Bandos Tutorial

Saradomin Encampment


Additional Requirements:

70+ Agility

Two more ropes. Once you use these, they will remain there permanently.


  • Enchanted Diamond Bolts 200+(Enough for one or two runs), Enchanted Ruby Bolts are also viable. Rune bolts and Broad Bolts can work in a pinch if you run out of the former.
  • Ranged Potions.
  • 1 Super Energy Potion. (You will be running around the arena a lot. 2 may be better with lower agility)
  • Purple Sweets. (stackable and give energy)
  • Prayer potions as stated above.
  • Full Black Dragonhide works well since we will not be engaging Zilyana in Melee. Karil's armour or Armadyl is the best in slot.
  • Ava's Accumulator.
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Rune Crossbow.
  • Elysian Spirit Shield (Difficult to acquire), a defender swap is useful for minions.
  • An Abyssal Whip for the minions.
  • Ranged Boots(recommended) but others (such as Snakeskin boots) will do.
  • Archer's Ring or Ring of Life.

Kill Count Recommendation: To reach this part, go directly east from the entrance. At the waterfall, you will find the entrance to the kill count area. Spiritual Rangers are the easiest targets. They are usually already damaged by werewolves, and inflict minimal damage. They are a somewhat slow grind however.


Directions: A linear path forward from the kill count area. Use another rope on the rock and descend, then forward to the boss door.


Commander Zilyana has lightning fast attacks and will attempt to melee you once within range. Her minions will attack you with magic so you should have Protect from Magic up at all times. You should also turn on Eagle Eye. Prayer flicking is difficult as you need to concentrate on hitting and running. Our aim is to lure Zilyana around the arena and fire bolts at her. Take one shot at each 3rd of the wall (with the corner being the 3rd 3rd.) Do not try to cut across the middle as she can head you off. if you are using rubies, then swap out when the boss is under half health. The special attack damages you and when the boss is under half health, the special does less damage than a regular max hit

Once she is dead, proceed to kill Starlight, then Bree, then Growler, in that order. You can switch to your Melee weapon for this.


Video example.

Armadyl Encampment

Additional Requirements:

70+ Ranged to enter.

Crossbow with a Mithril Grapple in order to access the area.


  • Broad bolts for the kill count. Karil's Crossbow is useful for KC here too.
  • Rune Crossbow
  • Ranged Potions
  • Prayer Potions as stated above.
  • Magic Potions to increase Magic and Magic Defence
  • Saradomin Brew.
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Enchanted Diamond or Ruby Bolts to use on Kree.
  • Karil's set.
  • Crystal Shield or Blessed Spirit Shield.
  • Ranger Boots (Recommended) but Snakeskin boots will do.
  • Archer's Ring

Kill Count Recommendation: Head south-west from the entrance and use your crossbow and Mithril grapple on the pillar. Avansies are the best choice for your kill count.

Directions: Once you have the kill count, head to the North-West of this area for the boss door.


Before you enter, turn on Protect from Ranged, Eagle Eye and Steel Skin.You should engage Kree immediately. He can only be attacked by ranged, and if you lose him as a target he will melee you for substantial damage. His grey tornadoes are matched against your ranged defence. While his blue tornadoes are matched against your magic defence.

His minions are Flight Kilisa, Wingman Skree and Flockleader Geerin. Kilisa is the main threat as she uses melee, which the player has the least resistance to in this battle.

Video example.

Zamorak Encampment.

Additional Requirements: 70 Hitpoints to take damage as you cross the river.


Solo Melee equipment is focused on defending against Magic Attacks this time.

  • 1 Super Anti-Poison (He can inflict poison)
  • Black Dragonhide Armour, Karil's or Armadyl if you are going the solo Protect from Melee route.
  • Guthan's Barrows equipment for the Protect from Magic route.
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Rune Defender is recommended over Sigiled Spirit Shields or Crystal Shield.
  • Abyssal Whip
  • Dragon Claws are recommended over Bandos God Sword for the special attack. (Either are useful)
  • Slayer Helmet or Black Mask (K'ril counts as as a Lesser Demon. Therefore this will give you bonus damage on task)
  • Bones to Peaches should NOT be taken as K'ril and his minions drop ashes.

Directions and Kill Count Recommendations:

Head north from the entrance and cross the river. This will drain your prayer to zero and damage you. Once you get the kill count in this arena, head to the east of this area for the boss door. Note that Imps, Icefiends and Pyrefiends are the weakest enemies here.


If you choose to Melee K'ril, be aware that he can drain your prayer by half the damage he inflicts with his slam attack. He will use this if you are using Protect from Melee. Additionally, you can swap to Protect from Magic and equip the full Guthan's set as K'ril dies, and do the magic minion first. Guthan's will give you good ranged and melee defence.

One option is to use Protect from Magic with extremely high defensive armors such as Barrows. The benefits of this are that K'ril's relatively common magic attacks will be blocked, his attacks will be easier to resist, and the special attack will be avoided, meaning fewer painful hits, as well as prayer drains.

Video of prayer flicking once K'ril is dead.

Video example.

Inventory and Gear for Solo

{{ :activities:bosses:god_wars:solo_zammy_gear.png?200 |

Example of a Solo Zammy Trip


A selection of drops available from the various bosses and their minions.


There are several reasons for doing God Wars. Primarily the coveted God Swords. These consist of three shards and one hilt. Provided you have 80 Smithing, you can make these into a God Sword. The Bandos and Saradomin God Swords are useful for further trips and other bosses as they have stat draining and health restoring effects respectively.

Graador drops the excellent Bandos Chestplate, Tassets and Boots, which are some of the best non-Barrows armour in the game.

Zilyana and her minions drop the Saradomin Sword, a two-handed weapon that is useful for strength training. She also has a substantial amount of seeds.

K'ril and his minions drop the Zamorakian Spear. This is a better choice for the Corporeal Beast than other spears. He also drops the Steam Battlestaff. You can also acquire drops of Zamorak wines.

Kree drops the Armadyl ranged armour. This will be useful to fight Zilyana or further trips to Kree.

You can also find Rune equipment drops, herb drops, Zamorak wine and seed drops that can be sold on for further profits. I wish you luck in your endeavours and that you can use this guide to defeat these challenging but rewarding bosses!

Credits: Cythraur. Please add your name if you made a sufficient contribution.

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