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Kalphite Queen


The Kalphite Queen, also called the KQ, is the strongest of the Kalphites. The Kalphite Queen, along with dust devils, is notable for dropping the Dragon chainbody. - Do you have what it takes to achieve true Giga Chadhood?


The Kalphite Queen resides in the Kalphite Lair south-west of the Shantay Pass. Two ropes are required to access the lair, one to enter the dungeon itself and another to reach the lower level where Kalphite Queen resides. Ropes are consumed upon using one on the entrance and lower level entrance and will disappear after a few minutes. One player can use a rope while multiple players may enter.


  • High combat levels
  • Good food (sharks or better) and prayer potions
  • Stat boosting potions
  • 70 Prayer for Piety
  • 99 Attack and Attack cape
  • Kalphite Slayer task and Slayer Helmet
  • Ava's equipment to save on ranged ammunition
  • Karils X-bow and bolt racks for fast hard hitting ranged damage (Second form)
  • Beast of Burden (Preferably Pack Yack to store extra food)

KQ Fight Overview

The Kalphite queen is unique in that she has two forms and uses protection prayers.

  • First Form she is a Giant Beetle with protect from ranged and magic. You should use Melee to inflict damage
  • Second form she is a Giant Wasp with protect from melee. You should use ranged or magic to inflict damage.

The Kalphite queen attacks with all three attack styles, Melee when in melee range, Ranged and Magic. Each attack has the ability to hit up to 31 damage. The ranged and magic attacks will hit multiple players.

  • Each form has 255 hitpoints each. When you bring down the first form a small animation will play where the queen will transform into her second form where you will need to switch attack styles to inflict damage.


  • Melee and Ranged equipment
  • Slayer helm if on slayer task, Helm of Neitznot when off.
  • Bandos chestplate and tassets are best here, but Veracs skirt and Torag/Dharoks plate can be subbed.
  • Dragon boots
  • Whip, sara sword (on crush), zammy spear (on crush)
  • Black D hide top and bottom
  • Avas accumulator for range, attack cape for melee
  • Ring of wealth as KQ does hit RDT quite often

Reserved for Equipment screenshot


  • Ranged switch for second form
  • Prayer potions
  • Super set + ranging potion
  • Sharks

Reserved for Inventory screenshot


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Example of kill

Credits: H A X.

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