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Tormented Demons


Tormented demons (TD's) are one of the strongest monsters in the game. TD's boast some of the most unique combat mechanics of any monster in runescape where you will actively need to switch attack weapons, gear, and protection prayers to be successful in the hunt. They are 450 combat, require actual strategy and timing but the rewards can be worth the trouble.


  • Quest requirements for While Guthix Sleeps. Essentially this is the quest cape in 2009Scape along with the many high skills required. Check your quest journal in game to see.
  • High combat levels
  • Good food (sharks or better) and prayer potions
  • Stat boosting potions are recommended
  • A means to remove their shields (Darklight or Holy Water)

Darklight and Holy Water:

When fighting Tormented demons you will have to use the Darklight (melee) or Holy water (ranged) to weaken the demon before you can damage them with your main weapons. Which you use is dependent on the protection prayer the TD is currently using. Example: if they are praying melee/magic, you would use Holy water to lower the shield.

You may purchase the Darklight and Holy water from the shop placed on your way to the tormented demons. Currently the stock is 1 Darklight and 100 Holy Water for 500 GP and 1 GP respectivly. I would recommend buying multiple Holy Waters.

Inventory and Gear:

Here I have listed the recommended inventory and gear setup.


  • Sapphire Lantern - Required - You must make this from scratch, (49 Smithing, 49 FM)
  • Main Melee Weapon - Recommend Leaf Blade Sword for stab (better than Whip). Dragon Halberd is viable as well
  • Darklight + Holy Water
  • Summoning Familiar - Bunyip for learning - Wolpertinger when you have mastered the switches
  • Prayer potions
  • Alch Runes
  • Super Set + Ranged Potion
  • Good Food


  • Wear your best Ranged gear as Ranged is typically the bottleneck for killing TD's. You will spend more time ranging than melee since you output more DPS with melee than with ranged.

Getting There:

To get to TDs, you must follow the path through the Lumbridge Swamp from the Basement, hop over the stepping stone and enter the cave where Tears of Guthix is located. You must use your sapphire lantern on a Light creature to go into the chasm. You will be in the location where you may purchase the Darklight and Holy Water. From here, head south until you see the wall with Skulls and climb up the cliff and enter the cave opening. Follow the path south until you reach the TD's.


When approaching TD's it is important to remember that the area is multi combat and you can be attacked by more than one at a time if you are not careful.

The Shield:

Tormented demons will have a shield active that will need to be lowered by use of the Darklight/Holy Water.

After exactly 1 minute, the TD will regain its shield and you will be required to use Holy Water or the Darklight to lower again. Pro Tip: You do not need to wait for this message to pop up to lower its shield for another minute. If you are anticipating the shield to come back and prefer to lower with holy water, the demon is currently not protecting against ranged, you can attack with the holy water while the shield is still down to refresh the minute. Darklight is not as accurate as holy water.

TD Attack Overview:

Tormented demons attack with all 3 combat styles and also can protect against all 3 attack styles. TDs will change attack styles approximatly every 3 attacks. TDs will change protection prayers approximatly every 30 damage taken in a respective style. Example: You hit the TD with melee for a 20, and then a 15, the TD will proceed to protect from melee.

GIF Attack Style Notes
Magic The TD will shoot a ball of fire that has a flame sound. Typically since we have good magic defense, I tend to guess ranged or melee prayer before Magic since you typically take less damge from magic
Ranged The TD will snap off a spine and throw it at you. Makes a snapping noise.
Melee The TD will swipe at you which will be evident by the large claw swipe. The TD can only perform this move when in melee distance.

You should try to keep track of the number of attacks the TD has performed so when you see the demon roar, you know it is changing attack styles.

Player Attack Overview:

The Player will have to change attack styles concurrently with the TD's changing protection prayers. Some useful tips include:

  • When you see the TD roar, you know the current attack style is changing (50/50) Change prayers when you see the roar, BEFORE you get attacked (50% chance you are correct) to minimize damage
  • Learn to use F4 to switch to the inventory tab, as well as F6 to switch to Prayer tab. This will allow you to more easily switch attack weapons and prayers accordingly.
  • Offensive prayers such as Piety and Eagle Eye are highly recommended.
  • The use of the Wolpertinger summoning familiar (level 92 Summoning) is highly recommended as it will constantly attack the TD with magic and because you are alternating between Melee and Ranged, will most of the time never be protected against and do substantial damage.
  • git gud


Lastly, why are we killing these monstroscities and enduring such pain? Tormented demons are the only monster in 2009Scape that drop Dragon Claws (“Meet me outside in the Wildy” - Rami) and the Dragon armor Shards (Ruined dragon armour lump, Ruined dragon armour shard, and Ruined dragon armour slice). These armor pieces are what make up the Dragon Platebody. Additionally, the drop rate for Blue charms is quite high.

Picture Name Requirements Stats
Dragon Claws 60 Attack to Wield Attack: Stab +41, Slash +57, Crush -4, Magic +0, Range +0 Defence: Stab +13, Slash +26, Crush +7, Magic +0, Range +0, Summoning +0 Other: Strength +56, Prayer +0
Dragon Platebody 60 Defence to wear Attack: Stab +0, Slash +0, Crush +0, Magic -30, Range +0 Defence: Stab +109, Slash +107, Crush +97, Magic -6, Range +106, Summoning +50 Other: Strength +0, Prayer +0, Flex +999

Video Example of Kill:

Credits: H A X.

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