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All Fired Up Minigame


King Roald of Varrock has built a beacon fire warning system. Help him test it out and gain rewards to aid you in your Firemaking skills. This mini-game is dangerous because it requires traveling through high level of the wilderness. Additional requirements are needed to light all 14 beacons.

Skill Levels Required:

  • 43 Firemaking to start the mini-game
  • See table below for individual beacon requirements.

Items Needed:

  • Logs (at least 20 of any type for each beacon, depending on your skills) They must be the same kind to be added to a beacon (cannot mix and match), and a Tinderbox. Logs last a predetermined amount of time depending on the type of log used: See below.
Log Type Time Lit
Regular 10 mins 45 secs
Oak 12 mins 45 secs
Willow 14 mins 15 secs
Teak 14 mins 30 secs
Maple 14 mins 45 secs
Mahogany 15 mins 30 secs
Yew 16 mins 45 secs
Magic 18 mins 15 secs
  • Boots of lightness
  • Spotted cape or Spottier cape
  • Energy potions or Super energy potions
  • Explorer's ring
  • Amulet of glory
  • Varrock teleport method
  • Trollheim teleport method
  • Games necklace
  • Beast of Burden pouches.


Beacon # Location Tended By FM Level Required Other Requirements to Light FM Experience
1. Near the Temple of Paterdomus Blaze Sharpeye 43 None 216.2
2. West of the Rag and Bone Man's hut Squire Fyre 43 None 235.8
3. North of the Jolly Boar Inn Orry 48 Must have started Family Crest 193.8
4. North of Varrock Castle Ube 53 None for now, will require Garden of Tranquility 178.5
5. North of Grand Exchange Waldo 59 None 194.3
6. Near Edgeville's General Store Gjalp 62 Completed all 4 areas of Stronghold of Security 86.7
7. East of the Black Knights' Fortress Brother Fintan 68 31 Prayer 224.4
8. Northeastern corner of Goblin Village No one 72 None for now 194.8
9. Northeast of Burthrope Doronbol 76 56 Smithing, hammer, 2 iron bars 195.3
10. East of Death Plateau Crate 79 42 Construction, hammer, 2 planks, 5 steel nails 249.9
11. Near the Trollheim Agility Shortcut Egg 83 64 Agility , Climing boots 201
12. Near the entrance to the God Wars Dungeon Nanuq 87 60 crafting, needle, 3 Jute fibres 255
13. Near small temple in the Wilderness No one 89 70 Smithing, hammer, 2 iron bars OR 59 Construction, hammer, 2 planks, 4 steel nails 198.9
14. Frozen Waste Plateau No one 92 None 147.9

Please Note Beacons 3, 4, 5, 10, 13 and 14 Require you to enter the wilderness

Recommended route is light 1/2 in any order, then use Glory to Edgeville light 6-5-4-3, Glory back to Edgeville light 7-8-10, Game Necklace to Burthorpe light 9, Trollheim Teleport, light 11-12-13-14


Upon lighting 6, 10, and 14 beacons, you may collect your reward from King Roald in Varrock Castle.

Item Image # of Beacons Needed Use
Ring of fire 6 When equipped, provides a percentage of extra firemaking experience.
Gloves of fire 10 When equipped, provides a percentage of extra firemaking experience. Can be worn with the Ring of fire to provide even more firemaking experience.
Inferno Adze 14 When used while woodcutting, functions as a Dragon Axe. There is a 25% chance of incinerating logs while woodcutting, providing both Woodcutting XP and Firemaking XP at the same time. While you are mining, it will function as a Dragon Pickaxe. (Will revert back to rune pickaxe once the actual dragon pickaxe is obtainable in 2009scape).

Useful Tips:

  • You MUST pre-load the logs before hand in order to light all 14 beacons in one go. You you will also need to make repairs on beacons 9, 10, 12 and 13 before you can load the logs.
  • This process requires you to visit the wilderness and run past some revenant Hotspots.
  • As of the time of making this guide. You MUST load each beacon and light them without logging out. Logging out will remove all logs you have stored in beacons and unlight any beacon as well as reset any repairs you have made to beacons 9, 10, 12, and 13 Simple answer is you should allocate time to fix, load and light all beacons in one play session.

Video of Lighting Route:

After you have loaded up all beacons, this is the route you should take. NOTE In this video I missed beacon 11 and had to hop back to it after beacon 14. You should ideally hit beacon 11 and 12 at the same time after teleporting to Trollhiem.

Credits: H A X.

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