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Fishing Trawler

Solo-player Guide


  • You require level 15 fishing to play this minigame.
  • This minigame is not 100% authentic.

Inventory Setup

  • 150+ Swamp Paste
  • 4-5 Bailing Buckets (Not Regular Buckets)
  • 22-23 Ropes

Playing the game

When you first start the game you'll be prompted with a brief tutorial telling you
what each item does. You should plug leaks as fast as possible as the boat
can fill with water very quickly. Occasionally, the net will rip. Go on the top deck
and inspect the net in order to repair it. If your net is good and all leaks
are already plugged, spam click your bailing buckets to remove water as fast as
possible. (You need to be in the flooded area to bail but can empty bucket anywhere
including the flooded area)
Supplies can be bought at the nearby general store.


Our fishing trawler has all the authentic rewards, including:

  • Raw Shrimp
  • Raw Sardine
  • Raw Anchovie
  • Raw Lobster
  • Raw Manta Ray
  • Raw Sea Turtle
  • Raw Sharks
  • Various Junk Items

However, somewhat inauthentically, I wanted to make this minigame
somewhat worth doing, as in its vanilla state it is pretty much
pointless. There's been a few inauthentic rewards added. Those are as follows:

  • Loop half of key
  • Tooth half of key
  • Caskets (can award gems, coins, talismans, and a few other things)
  • Pirate's Hat
  • Lucky Cutlass


Experienced formula was tweaked to make this worth doing. The exact formula for experience gained at x1 xp is:
((1.5% of Fishing Level) * Fishing Level) * Number of Fish Caught
What this generally works out to mean is that at level 99, you get roughly
20k experience per trip at x1 xp at level 99, and 438.75 xp per trip at x1
at level 15. These are both based on catching around 130 fish, which is the expected
average when soloing.

Other players

Playing with more players is more relaxed but you get less fish
and xp, as the haul is divided evenly between all players. If you're in this for exp or
rewards do not play solo with the exception of playing with your alts with loot in mind.


There's only two real ways to play, solo or with alts. This isn't to say you can't play socially with other players but the issue with that is you're taking a MASSIVE hit, around 40-50%, in exp and rewards with just 1 additional person so it's not worth it with the exception being you're here for loot and you have alts. There is one caveat with alts: they need to have the appropriate fishing level to get the appropriate fish meaning if your main has 80 fishing and your alt has 45 fishing, your main will get sharks and your alt will get lobsters, though the non-fish loot will remain the same.


RNG gods giveth and the RNG gods taketh and easily describe the solo player experience. You can have a very passive game where you don't have much to do and you end up with 150 fish or you can have 10 leaks in 13 seconds with a net breaking three times in a match and end up with 90 fish. The average though is around 120-140 fish. The strategy is simple, make sure the water never floods the ship and in order to give yourself enough room you never want the flood meter to go above 50% of the bar. You always want to prioritize the leaks in order to make sure this never happens then and only then you can repair the net when it breaks and whenever you have time you ALWAYS want to be bailing or emptying the bail buckets. Every solo round is winnable but you will be VERY busy. If you find yourself in a situation where your flooding is low and your net breaks but there's a leak or two, you can consider repairing the net first but it is very unwise to do this if the flood meter will go above 50% during this time.

Solo + Alt

There is a noticable difference is fish caught when you use an alt dedicated to just repairing the net. You can expect an average of 170-190 fish caught per round and the only difference in gameplay is that you will ALWAYS prioritize the net when it breaks by quickly repairing it on your alt and the reason you can do this is because the time it takes to fix the net is <1 second because your alt is already at the spot and this in turn gives your character down in the boat a lot more time to fix leaks and bail the water out which makes for a less stressful experience. If you are using an alt I recommend filling your inventory with bailing buckets as you will rarely have to empty the buckets in-game and can empty them when you're waiting for the next game to start (2 minutes).

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