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ZMI/Ourania Altar


The Ourania Altar (also known as the ZMI Altar) is one of the several runic altars located throughout RuneScape. The altar is in the Ourania Cave, which is west of the Battlefield, and south of West Ardougne.

The Ourania Altar converts pure essence into an assortment of random runes. The altar, which requires no talisman, tiara or staff to enter, gives 2X the normal experience for each pure essence used. Rune essence cannot be used. Players do not need a specific Runecraft level in order to craft at this altar, but the chance of crafting higher-levelled runes increases with a higher Runecraft level.

Once inside the Ourania Cave, quickly reached by an Ourania Teleport (Level 71 Magic from the lunar spellbook), players may use a bank there that requires a payment of 20 non combination runes of any type. They can then go to the altar by taking either a short and dangerous route or a longer and safe route. Note that the long, curving path has no monsters. At the end of the long path, there is a crack that requires no Agility level to cross.

Getting there


  • Casting Ourania Teleport requires 71 Magic and Lunar Diplomacy, and places the player on the path to the altar entrance.
  • Use Spirit trees requires completion of Tree Gnome Village to teleport to the Battlefield and walk south-west.
  • Cast Ardougne Teleport, requiring 51 Magic and Plague City, and head south-west.
  • Teleport to Castle Wars with the ring of dueling, and walk north from the lobby.


  • Moonclan Teleport (69 magic). To return to the altar, use the Ourania Teleport spell. Requires seal of passage.
  • Ring of duelling. Use this ring to teleport to the Castle Wars bank and the Ourania Teleport spell to return to the altar.
  • Eniola, a traveling banker. Eniola will allow you access to your bank account in exchange for 20 of any one type of rune. Using runes which are not often used, such as body runes, or elemental runes, is advisable. Not recommended because it is very click intensive, wastes an inventory slot, and requires you to withdraw 20 runes every time banking as it is better to deposit your entire inventory for each run.


There are two paths you are able to take when crafting runes at the ZMI altar

  • Long Path - Longer, safe path, will drastically reduce the XP per hour (Not recommended)
  • Short Path - Shorter, obviously faster, however filled with various monsters that can damage the player
Monster Level Max Hit
Zamorak warrior 84 9
Zamorak mage 84 8
Zamorak ranger 81 9
Cave lizard 37 5
Zamorak crafter 19 2

Experience rates

An accurate experince rate per hour is difficult to calculate, however you should assume approximatly 2,250 essence crafted per hour (without a familiar and using Giant and Large Pouch only) At 93 Runecrafting I was getting somewhere around 180k exp per hour at 5X. (36k an hour at 1X).


Method Full Trip Time Essence Crafted per trip Exp per trip (5x) Trips per hour (Rounded Down) XP per hour (5x) Pros Cons
Abyss - Death Runes 1:25:00 61 3050 42 128,100 Decent profit, approximatly 2500 essence crafted an hour. Lower XP than other methods listed
Abyss - Water Runes (FOG Gloves) 1:20:00 61 3480 45 156,600 Higher XP than Deaths, ability to use regular essence vs pure Money is break even due to use of FOG gloves
Earth Runes (FOG Gloves) 0:56:00 61 3965 63 249,795 Highest XP in the game. Ability to use regular essence vs pure Major loss due to using FOG gloves
Nature runes (Graahk) 1:00:00 54 2430 59 143,370 Faster xp and money than Deaths and Abyss natures Graahk Pouches are time consuming to obtain.
ZMI 1:10:00 45 3600 (Approximate at 93 RC) 50 180,000 Decent XP for essence crafted Will annoy you and Shadow94 level burnout long term
Lava Runes 0:53:00 45 2250 67 150,750 Decent XP for essence crafted Requires Magic imbue, Binding Necklace, Very Click Intensive. No profit


Credits: H A X.

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