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Pest Control

Pest Control is combat minigame that was added to Runescape in April 2006. It is a safe minigame that can be played without consequences(such as losing items etc.)

Basic Info


In order to play Pest Control, you should go to Port Sarimplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigPort Sarim

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. At the southern end of the dock you will find a squire who mentions an outpost under attack by monsters. If you agree to help, you will be taken to the outpost.

The location in Port Sarim.


Above 40 combat level for beginners. Above 70 for intermediate. Above 100 for veterans.

How to play

The outpost contains a bank, rune shop, ranged shop, smithy and general store.

At the northern end of the Outpost you will find three landers. On the left is the beginner lander. In the middle is the intermediate, and on the right is the veteran lander. If you cross the gangplank, you will find yourself in the boat with several bots(and potentially other players). These bots will aid you in playing the game. The number of players must be between 5 and 25 in order for a game to start. If the player count hits 25 then a match will begin immediately, otherwise the player must wait a few minutes. On the top left, you can see the time until the next game, the number of players(and bots) waiting to play, and current commendation points.

Intermediate lander.

Note: The veteran lander is intended for players only.


Note: you may not take pets or cannons onto the battlefield.

The map can be seen as containing five critical points. The central platform and four portals which the enemies will use to spawn in. On the central platform is a Void knight who is trying to disrupt the portals. As time goes on and more enemies die, the portal shields will go down. Each portal has 250 hitpoints and high defence.

The central platform.

In order to win the game, you must destroy all the portals or keep the Void knight alive for twenty minutes. The Void knight's hitpoints are visible in the top left of the screen. Should these hitpoints reach zero, the match is lost.

As you kill enemies you will earn points. A high number of points has no benefit. However, you need over fifty points to be eligible for commendation points at the end of the match.

An example of a portal.


There should always be at least one player on the platform to defend the Void knight. The bots will often abandon the platform to go attack the portals.

Destroying portals quickly will heal the Void knight. This can often save the Void knight at the last moment.

Keep the gates closed and repaired in order to hold back the majority of the monsters.



resemble a snake. They fire barbed spikes over a fair distance and can quickly disintegrate the hitpoints of the Void knight.


resemble a mole or badger. They will damage gates and walls to make way for the other enemies. After that, they will enter the fort and attempt to engage anything in sight.


look like a large rhino or elephant. They are there to defend the portal primarily, and rarely approach the base. If they manage to make it to the central platform, they must be destroyed immediately since they hit extremely hard.


Definitely one of the more dangerous enemies. These resemble crabs or spiders. They will teleport onto the platform directly, and attack the void knight immediately. Two or three of these will quickly deplete the health of the knight.


These enemies resemble a flying worm. They will line up toward the platform or the gates and fire on the void knight using magical attacks. Their attacks go through players, and should be dealt with quickly, as they are easy to miss.


These creatures resemble jellyfish, and float above the ground. They repair the Portal on the island and must be defeated if the portals are to be destroyed.


These monsters look like a giant ball with a single eye in the middle and liquid inside them. They will head towards the fort and detonate, causing damage to everything in the area.


Upon winning the game, beginners will receive 2 points, intermediate will receive 3 points, and veterans will receive 5 points.

You may use your commendation points to purchase various items. To do this, right-click any of the Void knights walking around the base and choose 'exchange'.


are won after every successful match.

Exp bonuses

You can receive experience for each commendation point spent. This is especially useful for skills that take time, such as prayer. This is adjusted for your chosen XP rate.

Mineral pack

You can receive a pack of herbs for 30 points, or minerals for 15 points.

Void gear

This is the gear worn by the NPCs around the outpost. Obtaining a full set of Void armour requires 850 points. This may take a couple of weeks playing a few hours a day. This armour set has four parts to it. A helmet, top, robe and gloves. In order to benefit from the set bonus, all pieces of gear must be worn, not only the helmet. The melee helmet adds 10% to melee damage and attack, the ranged helmet adds to 10% bonus to ranged accuracy and damage, and the mage helm grants the player a +30% bonus towards Magic attack

Void seals

These can be used for summoning purposes.


You have two methods for optimal point gains and it depends on which difficulty you decide to play on (Novice or Intermediate are your only option as Veteran is for players only) and how much effort you want to put into the match.


Novice is what you want to play if you want to get your 40 points and AFK for the rest of the match, this is because the chance for the AI's to lose the match is small so your input doesn't really affect the game. That said, you can turn that small percent chance to lose to zero by making sure the range enemies do not pile up at the West, East, and Southern gates. The AI is programmed to leave the door open and doesn't really do that good of a job making sure there aren't a billion torchers or defilers attacking the knight. After you get your 40 points you can cycle between the gates until the portals of that gate is destroyed since there won't be any new enemies that spawn from that side of the gate (remember that the southern gate has two portals.)


Something to be warned about when picking this mode: the win-rate of the AI is roughly 50% with no active involvement by the player which makes the Novice boat optimal for people afking it after getting their 40 points. The strategy here will be mostly the same except you may want to consider two additional things: killing ravagers and repairing barricades. The reason for this is because the AI for the enemies will get blocked by the barricade that's outside of every gate and they won't walk around it so if there's no ravagers to break down the barricade you won't have to monitor that gate so it is viable to kill ravagers, repair the barricade, and after making sure there's no active range enemies attacking the knight, to then move on to other gate. Another quirk of the AI is that even if there's a break in the barricade they will not reroute themselves to enter the gap, they only enter if the gap is in front of their current pathing so only newly spawned enemies will take that gap. This means that you really want to focus ravagers so the knight doesn't get swarmed. If you're playing with multiple people you can easily win every game by just camping the gates to make sure the knight survives long enough for the bots to get to the portals.


A rarely used gamemode as it requires actual players and no bots as help.

Credits: Cythraur

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