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Dragon Impling

Possible loot from the dragon impling jar

QuantityItem name
2-3 Amulets of glory
111-250 Baby dragon bones
1 Death tiara
2-3 Dragonstone amulets
110-350 Dragon darts or Dragon dart tips
101-500 Dragon arrows or Dragon arrowtips
52-188 Dragon bones
3 Dragonstones
1 Dragon longsword
3 Dragon Dagger(p++)
11-38 Dragon bolt tips
3-40 Dragonstone bolts
1 Mystic robes pieces (blue)
1 Magic seed
6 Snapdragon seeds
15 Summer pie

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Impetuous Impulses is a minigame in which the objective is to capture implings, flying imp-like creatures that have been stealing trinkets and treasures all over 2009Scape. Players begin the game by speaking with Elnock Inquisitor.


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