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Eclectic Impling

Possible loot from the eclectic impling jar

QuantityItem name
1 Adamant kiteshield
10 Adamant ore (Noted)
? Air runes
1 Battlestaff
1 Blue dragonhide chaps
1 Candle lantern
1 Cut Diamond
1 Curry leaf
1 Mithril pickaxe
1 Gold ore
5 Gold bars (Noted)
4 Oak planks (Noted)
20-35 Pure essence (Noted)
1 Red spiky vambs
1 Rune dagger
2 Slayer's respite (Noted)
1 Snape grass
1 Unicorn horn
1 Wild pie
3 Watermelon seeds

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All Slayer Masters have an equipment shop where they sell items related to Slayer tasks. These items are useful, and in some cases, necessary to complete specific Slayer assignments.

turael_shop Item Name Slayer level Description

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Impetuous Impulses is a minigame in which the objective is to capture implings, flying imp-like creatures that have been stealing trinkets and treasures all over 2009Scape. Players begin the game by speaking with Elnock Inquisitor.


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