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Project Policies


This page will serve to document all created and discussed policies about the project, including the live server. These can include policies developers have to follow, as well as policies staff have about the project and the game that must be maintained, including by the owners of the project.

XP Rates/Ingame Experience

Offered Rates

The offered XP rates are permanently locked to 1.0, 2.5, 5.0 and x10 ( For Permadeaths only) Under no circumstances are we to change, add, subtract, replace, substitute or modify these options. These are 100% completely final. The consequences of these XP rates are to be dealt with in their own right, and not be used as an excuse to add, substitute or remove any of the present options.

Changing a Player's Rate

Excluding the removal of 10x and 20x, under no circumstance should a player's xp rate be modified or tampered with beyond the programmed-in limitations.

Rolling back or modifying a player's experience

Rollbacks are only to be accepted in the context of a punishment for some form of bug exploitation, or to remedy an issue produced by a bug. Authentic bugs do not count for either of these.


Changing a Player's Username

Username changes are allowed provided that the username a player wishes to change to is currently unused. If a player desires a username change, they should submit a request (preferably in the support section of the forums, but DMing ryannathans on Discord is also an option) in the following format:

Old UsernameNew UsernameProof of Account Ownership

Where proof of account ownership can include a timestamped screenshot of that user logged into the game.

Freeing up Claimed But Inactive Usernames

We here at the 2009scape team don't believe it's fair for players to horde up a bunch of unique usernames for themselves and never use them. Because of this, a user can request that we check on and/or free up a taken username. A username will be freed provided that it meets the following criteria:

  • Total level below 1k
  • Has not logged in for at least 12 months (Waived if the user is permanently banned)

The request to investigate and potentially free a taken username should be posted preferably in the support section of the forums, but DMing ryannathans on Discord is also an option.


Resetting a Password

  • If you can still log in: Use ::resetpassword ingame to change your password.
  • If you can NOT log in: You need to make a request preferably in the support section of the forums, but DMing ryannathans on Discord is also an option.
IGNProof of Account Ownership

Where proof of account ownership can be one or more of:

  • Date the account was created on
  • OR
  • IP Address the account was created from (feel free to DM Ceikry/ryannathans directly if you wish to not reveal this)
  • OR
  • Bank pin AND Screenshot of you logged into the account at some point AND rough estimate of time since last login

If you can not provide any of these, we can not reset your password.


Pull Requests

Developers are expected to make all changes in their own forks/branches and create a pull request to the main repository with their contributions. If you do not know what these are or how to do them, look at the gitlab documentation.

Stay Up To Date

Developers are expected to have their forks/branches fully up to date before submitting pull requests in order to avoid merge conflicts.

Server Playerscripts

bot scripts are no longer supported in live game.

Custom Content

Generally, custom content should be avoided, but we reserve the right to consider custom content provided it matches the following criteria:

  • The custom content does not obsolete any existing items or content, and does not trivialize any ingame content.
  • The custom content is well-balanced (not overpowered)
  • The custom content fits the theme and lore of Runescape/2009scape
  • The custom content enables more horizontal playstyle customization


RFCs are a great way for the playerbase to make their opinion on something or a suggestion heard! As a community project, we believe player feedback is important, so RFCs allow you to highlight, debate, and weigh in on criticisms, suggestions, etc! The proper way to do this is to create an issue on Gitlab tagged with the Request For Comments label, and go into detail explaining your opinions on a subject.

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