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Basic Information

  • Ecto-Tokens can be earned by Worshipping the Ectofuntus.
  • The Ectofuntus is in a temple located to the north of Port Phasmatys.

The Ectophial flask allows teleport to Ectofuntus.

You can get it from Velorina - is a female ghost in the north-east part of Port Phasmatys. Once the player teleports, they will automatically refill it.

Required Items

  • Any type of Bones,
  • Empty Bucket (You can buy from Alice at Undead chicken farm or at General store)
  • Empty Pot (You can buy it at General store)

for Animal Magnetism quest you will need 4x pot, bucket and any type of bones.

Complete the ritual granting 5 ecto-tokens and a certain amount of Prayer experience per worship

XP Table

TypeXP Gained per bone (Basic: x1)
Wolf 18
Burnt 18
Monkey 20
Bat 21
Big 60
Babydragon 120
Dragon 288


1. Once you are in the temple, you need to get slime from ectopool, so climb-down ladder:

You can use agility shortcut to get faster to lowest level, required 58 agility level.

2. Run around going down the stairs to the lowest level:

3. At the very bottom you can refill the empty buckets with slime.

4. Get out to the temple and Climb-up stairs:

5. To start the process: Fill the Loader which is located on this floor. (Just click Fill)

6. Once the process is complete, you will receive a bonemeal:

7. Now Climb-down the stairs and click worship ectofuntus which stands in the middle (you will gain Prayer XP)

8. After all, collect the Ecto-tokens from nearby NPC:

9. you can repeat this activity for gaining Prayer XP.

(It is much longer than using the gilded altar method, but much more beneficial in terms of experience gained)


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Draynor Manor, north of Draynor Village.

Quest Required

* The Restless Ghost * Ernest the Chicken * Priest in Peril

Skill Requirements

* 18 Slayer level * 19 Crafting level * 30 Ranged level * 35 Woodcutting level

Items Required

* - Mithril axe * - 5 x Iron bar

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