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The Grand Tree

There's trouble afoot in the Tree Gnome Stronghold in the Kingdom of Kandarin. Rumors of war are circulating and if something isn't done soon the unthinkable may become reality. Can you investigate to see what's happening and possibly fix the root of the problem before it's too late?



  • 25 Agility
  • Ability (skills and supplies) to defeat a level 172 Demon


  • None


  • All required items may be acquired during Quest
  • Suggested items:
    • Ardougne teleport and requisite runes.
    • Watchtower teleport and requisite runes.
    • Completion of Lost City quest and access to Fairy Ring network.
    • Prayer potion(s) (If using prayer vs melee in combat (requires Prayer Level of 43) )
    • Food

Getting Started

King Narnode Shareen

Make your way northwest of Ardougne to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and from there to the Grand Tree, a massive structure in the northern part of this area. On entering you will need to meet and talk with King Narnode Shareen. The King greets you and in the course of the conversation tells you they are worried. They bring you down a nearby trap door into the very foundations (roots) of the Tree Gnome Stronghold to discuss the problem. It seems that eons ago gnome mages created the tree which has now grown to become what it is today. But all is not well. The gnome tree guardians noticed two months ago that the tree's health had started to deteriorate and they are at a loss as to what could be wrong. The king asks if you would be willing to help discover the cause of the problem. Being the upstanding sort of Adventurer that you are you will, of course, agree to help. Your first task is to find out what's killing the tree.

Talking to King Narnode Shareen

The king's top guardian, Glough, has told him the root of the problem is human sabotage! Fortunately the King is not yet convinced. He asks you to speak with Hazelmere, an ancient Gnomish mage who lives high upon a towering hill on an island off the coast of Yanille far to the south. (Hazelmere only speaks in the ancient gnomish tongue (language)).

The king will give you a sample of bark A bark sample and a Translation Bookplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigGnome Translation Book

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A translation book to enable you to understand them.


Grand Tree Main Map


Make your way to Hazelmere via any means at your disposal (see map for route).


  • Amulet of Glory (teleport Edgeville)→ Fairy Ring (CLS)
  • Watchtower teleport (level 58 Magic) → Run East
  • Ring of Dueling (teleport Castle Wars Arena)→ Run East
  • (If POH in Yannile) Home teleport (lvl 40 Magic) → Run East
  • Camelot teleport (level 45 Magic) →Charter ship from Catherby dock to Port Khazard (1,600 gp)→ Run South
  • (If using Lunar Spellbook) Teleport to Khazard (lvl 78 Magic) → Run South

Once you reach the house on the hill on the island you will have to climb a ladder to reach Hazelmere.

Talking to Hazelmere

The ancient Gnome, as the king said, does not speak in anything but ancient Gnomish. To counteract this you make a writing motion as which point Hazelmere scribbles something on a scroll and gives it to you. Reading the scroll and then reading the Translation Book the king gave you will allow you to complete this stage in the quest.

Return to the Grand Tree and speak with King Narnode Shareen once more. This time you are asked to provide the translation of what Hazelemere wrote. This is done by selecting the correct line from a series of choices. The correct lines are:
(Note the lines may not appear in the first or even second selections presented! If this happens choose “None of the above” until the correct line appears!)

The correct text should be:

  • A man came to me with the King's seal.
  • I gave the man Daconia rocks.
  • And Daconia rocks will kill the tree!

The king reaches the logical conclusion that his seal was forged and Hazelmere was tricked into providing these stones! The King further explains that these stones are the -only- thing that can kill the tree. When you ask to help in recovering the stones the king sends you to tell Glough, the chief tree guardian of what has happened. The king says Glough may be either at his house or at the house of his girlfriend Anita. He also instructs you to return to speak with him after speaking with Glough.



Glough lives in a tree house just southeast of the Grand Tree (marked 3 on the map above). You must climb a ladder to reach this location. When you find Glough he is busy eating a worm hole (this will be important later). After informing him of what the king has said Glough immediately concludes that the humans are going to invade. Despite your protests Glough insists that “Your type can't be trusted”, that he will take care of it, and orders you to go back to the king.

Speedy results!

On speaking once more with the king you learn that Glough can be remarkably fast. In the time it took you to run from Glough's home to the king he has already found and captured a human who reportedly had three Daconia rocks on them! This has given the king reason to believe that Glough may be right, that the humans are invading! When you ask to speak to the prisoner the king agrees and tells you they are on the top level of the tree.


Take the ladder near the king up three times to reach the top where you will find a prisoner (Charlie) securely locked in a cell. Right click to Talk-to Charlie and ask him why he would want to kill the tree. It seems that Charlie is as confused as everyone else is…he has no idea why he has been imprisoned. He claims he was only doing what he had been asked to do by Glough. He quickly tells you that it was Glough who paid him to takes the king's seal to a gnome on a hill and return with some Daconia rocks to give to Glough…and apparently (he claims) this has been going on for weeks! Now he's been locked up and he doesn't know why. It is becoming obvious that Glough is hiding something! Charlie suggests you search Glough's home.

Looking for answers

Climb all the way back down the ladder and return to Glough's house. Open the cupboard just north of the ladder entrance and then search it to find Glough's Journal. You will need to read it to learn more!

Once you have read the journal confront Glough who is conveniently in the room. Angered by your accusations, Glough summons the guards to lock you away.

We're in the jailhouse now...

You arive once more at the top of the tree, only this time you are sharing the cell with Charlie. Talk-to Charlie who will now let you in on another clue. Charlie says you should talk to the Karamja Shipyard foreman. As it turns out Glough had previously tasked Charlie with delivering a large amount of gold to the foreman for unknown reasons. Perhaps there is some link? Charlie also provides you with a special password to get in to the shipyard: “Ka-Lu-Min”.

Suddenly the king makes an appearance, appologizes for Glough's having arrested you, and frees you from the cell. Your urging the king to beware of trusting Glough fails to persuade him. While the king acknowledges that Glough can be “a bit extreme at times” he is still the best tree guardian available. The king then tells you that Glough has placed guards on the front gate to keep you from escaping! Here the king offers the use of his glider pilot to enable your departure until “things calm down around here.”

Up, Up, and Awaaaay...

Note: Before doing this next step you will want to secure a teleport method to return here later! There is a bank below you if you need runes or enchanted jewelry!

Karamja near the shipyard

Just to the north of the cell is the Gnome Glider Station, run by a Captain Errdo who is nearby.
Right click and Talk-to Captain Errdo. When you explain what's going on (apparently humans are invading) Captain Errdo is in disbelief as they have “lots of human friends.” When the captain asks “where to?” you should choose “Take me to Karamja please!” After a slight pause you find yourself in the middle of the jungle on Karamja, the glider having crashed nearby (Near location 1 on the Karamja Map).

Welcome to the Jungle

Note there are nearby Jungle Spiders (Level 44) and Jogre (Level 53) on the way to your next stop. If you are low level be prepared to evade or fight these.

Proceed east to the spot marked 2 on the Karamja Map. There you will find a fenced in area with a gate guarded by a Shipyard worker. Attempt to open the gate and he will ask you why.

Your answer should be:
Glough sent me.” You will then demand to be take to his superior. At this point he will ask you the password. Fortunately you will remember the password Charlie gave you earlier when you were in jail together: “Ka-Lu-Min”. You are now allowed to pass into the fenced off area.

Head further east to the docks and find the Foreman (Level 23) (Near location 3 on the Karamja Map). Right click and choose to Talk-to the foreman.

Talking to the Foreman

You: Hello are you in charge?
Foreman: That's right, and you are…?
You: Glough sent me to check on how you are doing.
Foreman: Right. Glough sent a human?
You: His gnomes are busy.
Foreman: Hmm…in that case we'd better go to my office. Follow me.

You now appear in the Foreman's office where he proceeds to question you:

Foreman: Tell me again why you're here.
You: Er…Glough sent me?
Foreman: By the way how is Glough? Still with his wife?


  • Yes, they're getting on great.
  • Always arguing as usual!
  • Sadly his wife is no longer with us!

Foreman: Right answer. I have to watch for imposters. What's Glough's favourite dish?


  • He loves tangled toads legs.
  • He loves worm holes.
  • He loves choc bombs.

Foreman: OK. Just one more. What's the name of his new girlfriend?


  • Anita.
  • Alia.
  • Elena.

Foreman: Well, well, you do know Glough. Sorry for the interrogation but I'm sure you understand.

Having allayed the foreman's suspicions he goes on to outline the operation underway. It seems Glough has paid this group to build a fleet of 30 battleships capable of carrying 300 gnome troops on an invasion of Port Sarim! This is aparently part of a plan to take over of all of 2009Scape! The foreman gives you an order for the lumber required and you state that you will deliver it to Glough.

Head back to the Grand Tree. This is best done by using a teleportation method such as:

  • Varrock Teleport → Spirit Tree teleport to Tree Gnome Stronghold (Requires Tree Gnome VillageQuest)
  • Skills necklace (Fishing Guild)
  • Games necklace → Barbarian outpost
  • Ardougne Teleport

Note: You are not yet able to use the Gnome Glider System as this quest is not yet completed!

When you arrive back at the Grand Tree and attempt to talk with the King he informs you that it is not safe for you there. When you try to inform him of your belief that Glough is killing the tree to make wood for his warships the King becomes upset at your “absurd accusation”! He says you sound as paranoid as Glough and asks you to leave as it is “bad enough having one human locked up.”

Rather than follow the King's request you will need to climb back up to the top of the tree and speak with Charlie who is still in his jail cell. You inform Charlie that you need some proof to convince the king. Charlie now mentions that he had hear Glough mention that he'd left his chest key at his girlfriend's. Charlie tells you that she lives just west of the toad swamp.

Once more head down the ladder and exit the tree. Head northwest to the second spiral staircase past the toad swamp. There you will need to find and Talk-to Anita. In the course of the conversation Anita asks you to do her a favour and return Glough's key that he had left at her house!

Exit Anita's house and run east southeast to Glough's house. Head upstairs and use the key on the Closed chest you find there. Inside you will find a scroll. These are the invasion plans! Take this and the Lumber order to the King.

Note: Make sure you have at least 4 spaces free in inventory!

Talking to the king you present the evidence you have collected. The King is still reluctant to have Glough arrested. He does, however, give you some odd twiggs his guards discovered while search Glough's house.


The King now tells you some sobering information; he has decided to allow Glough to raise a gnome army!

Last chance to stop a war!

Note: Before beginning this section make sure you are geared up and have weapons, food and supplies to take on a Black Demon (Level 172). There is a bank one flight up the ladder next to the King. Make sure you also have the 4 oddly lashed together twigs in your inventory!

Head back to Glough's house. This time go to the furthest eastern area and climb the tree found just north of this area. You will arrive in a second level above Glough's main house. Here you will see 4 Pillars on the northernmost wall arranged west to east. In addition you will see a trapdoor (which you cannot open) near the southern wall. Place (right click “Use”) the sticks from you inventory on these pillars making the letters “T U Z O” Suddenly you will hear grinding gears as the trapdoor's lock snaps open.

Right click the Trapdoor and choose to open it.

You will now find yourself in a cutscene deep below the Grand Tree. And there is your buddy Glough! Of course, like all evil villans, he confesses his plans with the note that you will soon be dead and unable to stop him! To take care of this he introduces you to his “little friend”…a level 172 Black Demon!

The Demon in the Dungeon

Use whatever methods you have decided upon to fight the demon. There is a safe spot in the dungeon where you can use range or mage. If using mele having protect from mele on is highly advised. When the demon dies they may drop a crimson charm and possibly some coins. (For me it was 30 gp)

Note: The demon will respawn! Unless you want to fight it again I would suggest continuing rather quickly!

Following the only path to the west, run through the caves, taking the first right passage which will lead you into the main chamber. This chamber has many large roots. Proceed northwest where you should soon see characters being indicated in your mini map. Head towards them.

Here you will find some gnome guards and the King at the foot of the ladder. Talk to the King.

The King notices you are wounded and asks what has happened. You relate your encounter with the demon and explain that there are more Draconia rocks further up the passage. Further you inform the King of Glough's secret passage into the roots from his home!

Still the King refuses to believe and calls for his guards to investigate.
Soon enough they report having found Glough hiding under a horde of Daconia rocks!
Finally the King is convinced! He calls off the military training.

But there is still more to be done…the tree is dying and the king needs your help to locate the Daconia rocks still hidden in the roots.

Right click and search roots in the area until you find a Daconia rock. Take this to the king.

A dangerous rock!

After thanking you the King gives you his reward: access to all facilities in The Grand Tree.

  • Spirit Tree access
  • Access to Gnome Gliders
  • Access to the Grand Tree mine…(Note: as of this writing (30 April 2023) the mine is not accessible)

In addition you are awarded:(Note: the following (except Quest Points) are at 1X xp modifier!)

  • 5 Quest Points
  • 7,900 Agility XP
  • 18,400 Attack XP
  • 2,150 Magic XP
  • Profit? (a tradition, added by request of a CC member)

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

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