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Jungle Potion

Deep in the western jungles of Karamja a village is in trouble. Something has happened to scare the local people away and a local spiritual leader needs help to bring them back. Will you help them find the things they need?

This is a relatively short quest though players with low combat levels may find some challenges in facing several types of hazards.



  • Ability to defend against:
    • Jogres, an agressive monster up to level 53 combat1). They attack with mele.
    • Harpie Bug Swarm, an agressive monster of level 46 combat that requires a Slayer level of 33 and a Lit bug lantern to kill. they use a rapid mele attack.
    • Jungle snakes, a agressive native species (level 5) which may be capable of inflicting poison damage.
    • Jungle Spiders, an agressive native species (level 44) which may be capable of inflicting poison damage.
  • Herblore level 4. See this Note.2)


  • Druidic Ritual


  • None required though it is suggested lower combat level players bring some food for combat and possibly an anti-poison. Armour may also be needed to fend off agressive monsters though there is no direct combat required.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 775 Herblore XP (@1x)
  • Ability to take part in the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame (when implemented on our server).

Getting Started

Make your way to Karamja using any means convenient to you. Suggested travel methods might include:

  • House Teleport (Magic Level 40) valid only if you have your Player-Owned House (POH) located in Brimhaven. Then run south into the jungles of Karamja.
  • Amulet of Glory, Karamja teleport. This will require running west past the volcano, entering Brimhaven, and proceeding south into the jungles of Karamja.
  • Boat to Karamja from Port Sarim. This will require running west past the volcano, entering Brimhaven, and proceeding south into the jungles of Karamja.
  • Charter boat to Brimhaven. (The cheapest fare is via Captain Barnaby at the southeastern Ardougne docks (30 gp). See the World Transport Map for other options.) Then run south into the jungles of Karamja.

To start this quest speak with Trufitus Shakaya who can be found near or in the area on the above map marked as 1. He may be in the house located within this square or wandering somewhere in its vicinity. There is a Quest Icon located on this house in your mini map.

Trufitus: “Greetings Bwana! I am Trufitus Shakaya of the Tai Bwo Wannai village.”

You should choose to remark: “It's a nice village, where is everyone?”

Trufitus: “My people are afraid to stay in the village. They have returned to the jungle. I need to commune with the gods to see what fate befalls us. You may be able to help with this.”

You, of course, jump in with an offer to help.

Trufitus: “I need to make a special brew! A potion that helps to commune with the gods. For this potion, I need special herbs, that are only found deep in the jungle. I can only guide you so far as the herbs are not easy to find. With some luck, you will find each herb in turn and bring it to me. I will then give you details of where to find the next herb. In return for this great favour I will give you training in Herblore.”

The first herb Trufitus needs you to gather is Snake Weed. He informs you:

“It grows near vines in an area to the south west where the ground turns soft and the water kisses your feet.”

Fortunately you have this helpful guide and the above map to help you!

Go to the area marked as 2 on the map. You will find Snake Weed plants appear as a small green “Marshy jungle vine” with yellow blossoms (in High Detail mode). Search these to obtain a Grimy Snake Weed herb. (You will only need ONE of each of the herbs to complete this quest!)

Note: The process of searching for and obtaining the herbs may take some time. You can be patient or click their source locations several times to see if it might speed it up.

Once you have obtained the Grimy Snake Weed you will need to clean it before presenting it to Trufitus! If you don't clean the herbs first then Trufitus will not accept them and accuse you of trying to deceive him. 3)

Trufitus now gives you the clue for the second herb he needs, Ardrigal:

“…It is related to the palm and crows to the east in its brother's shady profusion. To the east you will find a small peninsula, it is just after the cliffs come down to meet the sands, here is where you should search for it.”

NOTE: You may well encounter several Harpie Bug Swarm (Level 46) while attempting to recover Ardrigal. These can be agressive and require a Slayer level of 33 and a Lit bug lantern to kill. They use rapid mele attacks in combat.

With this in mind, head to the area marked as 3 in the above map. There you will find several Palm Trees that, when right clicked, give a Search Palm Tree option. Choose this to recover Grimy Ardrigal. Remember to clean it (+13 herblore xp on 5x) before presenting it to Trufitus!

Return to Trufitus and give them the Clean Ardrigal. For you next task Trufitus wants you to recover an herb called Sito Foil.

“…it grows best where the ground has been blackened by the living flame.”

Head to the location marked as 4 on our map. Searching near the fire there you will notice areas that have the option “Search Scorched earth”. Do this to recover Grimy Sito Foil. Clean this (+12 herblore xp on 5x) and take it back and give it to Trufitus.

Trufitus now tasks you with obtaining Volencia Moss. His clue is:

“It clings to rocks for its existence. It is difficult to see, so you must search for it well.”

Head to the location marked as 5 on our map. In this mining area you will find several rocks that give the option “Search Rock”. This gets you the Grimy Volencia moss. Make sure to clean it (+13 herblore xp on 5x) before presenting it to Trufitus.

Once you've given the Clean Volencia Moss to Trufitus he gives you the final task of obtaining Rogues Purse. His clue (and warning) is:

“This is the most difficult to find as it is inhabits the darkness of the underground…only to be found in caverns in the northern part of this island. A secret entrance to the caverns is set int the northern cliffs of this land. Take care Bwana as it may be dangerous.”

Note: In this next effort you will be encountering the Jogre, a group of level 53 monsters (See earlier note in this guide) with a maximum hit of 7.

Head to the location marked as 6 on our map. There you will find some rocks that give you the option to “Search Rocks”. Do this to enter the Jogre cavern! You will be given the option not to do this but it is needed finish this quest!

Note: A light source is not needed to enter these caverns

After climbing down several steep rocks you find yourself in the caverns below. Using the following map, locate one of the many locations Rogues Purse may be found (See purple dots on map below) and choose to “Search Fungus covered Cavern Wall”. This may take some time and require players to break off and engage in combat with Jogres in the area before returning to the task!

Note: Killing a Jogre may result in a drop of grimy rogue's purse, but Trufitus will not accept one of these!4)

Once you have obtained Grimy Rogues Purse from the cavern wall proceed to the spot marked 7 on the dungeon map.

There you will find a pillar near the western center of the room which, when right clicked, gives you the option to choose “Climb Hand holds”. Unless you have a fondness for killing Jogres or gathering more Rogues Purse you might want to choose this option to exit the caverns.

Again, make sure to clean this herb (+12 herblore xp on 5x) before presenting it to Trufitus.

Dodging the Harpie Bug swarms, make your way back to Trufitus and present him with your Clean Rogues Purse.

After thanking and wishing blessing on you Trufitus teaches you some herblore techniques.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 775 Herblore XP (@1x)5)

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  • Zencro: 5 September 2023
  • Big W: 5 September 2023
Note: Jogres were apparently upgraded to level 58 combat by 15 February 2009. See:
Some sources indicate that at one point this was changed to level 3 in herblore. This has not been verified at this time.
Note when doing this on Test no herblore xp was observed when cleaning Grimy Snake Weed after having attempted to present the uncleaned herb earlier.
Note: on 5x this will take you from level 4 herblore to level 19.
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