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Merlins' Crystal

Start Point

Start at Camelot castle

Items Required

  • - Bread
  • - Tinderbox
  • - Bucket of wax (obtainable during the quest)
  • - Bat bones (obtainable during the quest)


  • Difficulty: short.
  • Length: 10 minutes.


  • 6 Quest points
  • Excalibur

Getting started

1. To begin the quest, talk to King Arthur, then talk to Sir Gawain about all that you can.

2. After talking with them, climb up the stairs and talk to Sir Lancelot to learn how to infiltrate the keep.

Bucket of Wax

3. Now it's a good time to get Bucket of Wax. Exit the Camelot castle and run to Catherby bank to get the bucket, pick also the Insect repellent from the desk in near house.

4. Back to Catherby and talk to Arhein:

5. Select from dialogue:

Sir Mordred

6. Now run behind the Candle Maker house and hide in the crate.

7. After you exit the crate, enter the tower, climb-up the stairs to highest floor and kill Sir Mordred (level-39).

8. Now go down-stairs and exit the tower. Kill Giant bats to get bat bones if you dont get it before start.

Black Candle

9. Back to Catherby (you can use camelot teleport and run), and talk to Candle Maker.

10. He will create for you Black candle from exchange for Bucket of Wax.

Meeting with Lady

11. Now teleport to Falador and run to meet with Lady of the Lake located in Traverly. (Use teleport to house if your house there).

12. Ask her for Excalibur:

Port Sarim

13. Now we need to go to Port Sarim to Jewellery shop. (Use glory, cabbage teleport or teleport to house). If you be there, climb-up the stairs to meet the Needy.

14. Talk with Beggar and give him bread. He will thank you then Lady will appear and give you Excalibur:

15. Teleport to Varrock and go to Chaos altar and click “check” on it, there to get the hint for next stage of the quest:


16. Back to Camelot Castle. But after going through the gate, run behind the castle on the right side, lit the black candle and drop the bat bone in the red circle to summon the ghost, select the hint you get from chaos altar:

17. Now back to Castle, and climb-up the ladder to the very top of the right tower.

18. Wield the Excalibur and smash the crystal in which Merlin is trapped:


19. Back to King Arthur to complete the quest:

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