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Monk's Friend

Difficulty: Easy

Requirements: Novice

Items Required:

  • 1 log (standard log) or (alternately) any wood cutting axe you can use.
  • 1 Jug of water 1)

Map Overview

The following walk-through utilizes the 3 location points identified in the map below.

The Quest

In your continuing adventures around 2009scape you have encountered a monastery just south of East Ardougne (point 1 on the above map). Deciding to investigate, you speak with Brother Omad, one of the several monks wandering inside the building.

Right click and choose Talk-to brother Omad.

You should ask “Why can't you sleep, what's wrong?,” and then…Can I help at all?

You are now asked to recover a blanket belonging to the young son of one of the monks. To do this you will need to find the fiends who have done this dastardly deed! Proceed to point 2 where you will find a suspicious circle in the middle of a field.

When you enter the circle suddenly a ladder leading underground appears!

Right click and choose to Climb-down ladder.

Head east then take first passage south where you need to “Open Large door.” Inside the next room you will find the miscreants reponsible for this outrage! There will be three thieves here (2 level 14 and 1 level 26). A Child's blanket can be found on a Large table to the east. Grab the blanket and exit.

Return to brother Omad in monastery (location 1 on map) Talk-to brother Omad He says “*yawn*..I'm off to bed! Farewell brave traveler!” When this dialog is concluded, Talk-to brother Omad (again)

He tells you about an upcoming first birthday party for Brother Androe's son. He says “It's also a great excuse for a drink!”

You now find out that Brother Cedric has been tasked with obtaining wine for the party. You ask “Who's Brother Cedric?”

It turns out Brother Cedric was sent out three days ago to collect wine but he didn't return! Omad suspects “He most probably got drunk and lost in the forest!”

You ask “Where should I look?” Omad says “Oh, he won't be far. Probably out in the forest.”

After stating that you will go find him, depart the monastery and proceed to the general area of point 3 on the map above.

If you haven't already obtained a log, use your axe on any standard tree on your way to point 3 to obtain 1 log.

Make sure you already have a jug, optimally filled with water. If it is not already full, you can use any suitable water source in East Ardougne. There is a sink in the building south east of the eastern East Ardougne bank. The nearby well at point 3 can fill a bucket (provided you have a rope) but this will NOT fill an empty jug. If you try to use the well with your jug (even if you have a rope) you will get a message “If I drop my jug down there, I don't think I'm likely to get it back.”

Near point 3 you will find Brother Cedric, right click and Talk-to Brother Cedric. He will tell you “Yeesshh, I'm very, very drunk..hic..up..”

After the initial dialog you will then need to right click and Talk-to Brother Cedric again.

This time he will say “Hic up! Oh my head! I need a jug of water.”

If you have the Jug of water in inventory you will then offer it to him. He will next inform you that he needs to fix his cart before both of you can go to the party.

He asks if you will help. Choose “Yes, I'd be happy to!” He then tells you he needs some wood.

If you don't have a log in inventory yet, get one by using your woodcutting axe on any normal tree in the area.

Then right click and Talk-to Brother Cedric again. Cedric tells you he will now fix the cart and concludes saying “You head back to Brother Omad and tell him I'll be there soon.” After saying good bye, head back to Brother Omad at point 1 on the map in the Monastery.

When you Talk-to Brother Omad he announces “Now we can party!” He then gives you 8 Law Runes, for which you thank them. You and the npcs will at this time begin to dance with cries of “Party!”, “Woop!”, “Let's boogie”, “Yeah!”, “Oh, baby!”, “GO!”, “Get down!”, Dance!“, “Oh my!”, “Watch me go!”, “You go!”, and “Feel the rhythm!”.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 8 Law Runes
  • 2,000 Woodcutting XP


Walk-Through originally created by user zencro for 2009scape, 26 July 2022

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A Jug of water may be obtained either by purchasing an empty Jug (1 gp) at the general store and filling it from any suitable water source or by purchase (full) from any npc who sells them. One such dealer is Heieronymous Avlafrim at the Gnomecopter site north of the Lumbridge Flour Mill and cow field. He has (at the time of writing) supplies up to quantity 100 of Clay pots, Buckets of water, Jugs of water, Pie tins, Cake tins, Tinderboxes, Shears, Redberries, Spinach rolls and Chef's hats. Note: if you have not taken a Gnomecopter ride here yet you might try one as it completes one requirement of the Lumbridge Achievement diaries.
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