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Roving Elves

Start Point

Talk to Islwyn inside the elven woods of Isafdar.


  • Regicide (Unneeded: Not yet implemented)
  • Waterfallplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigWaterfall Quest

    Start Point

    South of the Barbarian Outpost


    * - Rope * - 6 x Air rune * - 6 x Earth rune * - 6 x Water rune


    * Difficulty: Beginner. * Length: Short.


    * 1 Quest point * 13,750 Strength XP
  • The ability to defeat a level 84 Moss Giant without weapons, armour, runes, summoning, or prayer

Necessary Items

  • Glarial's Pebble (Obtainable during quest)
  • Glarial's Amulet (Obtainable during quest)
  • Rope
  • Spade
  • Antipoison Potion (Recommended)
  • Food (Recommended)
  • Combat Potions (Optional)
  • Up to 9,600 coins for chartering a ship three times, 3,200 coins each time (Currently required)
  • Alternatively, a Teleport Crystal to teleport to Lletya.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 10,000 Strength Experience
  • Either a 2/10 Crystal Bow or a 2/10 Crystal Shield
  • The ability to pay Ilfeen to recharge Crystal Bows and Crystal Shields

Starting the Quest

The tripwire traps can poison you. Bring an Antipoison Potion to be safe.

1. Travel to Isafdar. Unless you have already been here and have a Crystal Teleport Seed, you will need to charter a ship from any port to travel to Port Tyras, requiring 3,200 coins.

  • (Normally you could also travel through the mountain pass or underground pass west of Ardougne, but these are both currently inaccessible.)

2. Islwyn and Eluned teleport to several locations within Isafdar, but are most likely to be found at the location directly outside Lletya. Travel here and speak to Islwyn.

  • Note: If you are below combat level 84, you may have to defeat an aggressive bear to talk to the elves. The bear is fairly easily to defeat. If you need supplies, Lletya has a bank.

3. Islwyn will inform you that an enchanted Consecration Seed will be required, and the only place to obtain this is within Glarial's Tomb.

4. (Optional) If you have high enough combat stats and want to avoid having to pay for the charter ship again, kill Elves in Lletya until you get a Teleport Crystal. There is a bank in town for you to equip yourself and access food. Eluned can recharge empty Teleport Crystals for a few hundred coins.

Optional: Obtaining Glarial's Pebble

If you do not already have Glarial's Pebble from the Waterfall quest, you will need to reacquire it.

1. Travel to the Tree Gnome Village. Spirit Trees are the easiest method, though running from Ardougne will work.

2. Enter the cave through the marked ladder near the center of the maze.

3. Once inside, go east. Look for a stack of two lightly colored crates near where you enter the room. Search these crates to obtain a key.

4. Go west, to the opposite side of the cave. Use the key on the locked door and talk to Golrie to obtain Glarial's Pebble.

Revisiting Glarial's Tomb

Make sure to not bring any armour, weapons, runes, summoning supplies, or any other equippable items that provide bonuses. Food and potions are allowed. Prayer will not work even if you replenish your prayer points.

1. Bring Glarial's Pebble, food, and combat potions if you have them, and travel north-west of Ardougne to Glarial's Tombstone.

2. Use Glarial's Pebble on the tombstone to enter. If you have any items you cannot bring inside with you, you will be informed of this.

3. Find and defeat a level 84 Moss Giant to obtain the Consecration Seed. Do not fight the level 42 ones - they will not drop the item you need.

4. (Optional) If you do not have Glarial's Amulet, pick one up from the chest while you are here. You can drop the amulet to acquire another from the chest.

5. Return to Eluned to have the seed enchanted.

Consecrating Glarial's New Resting Place

Make sure to bring Rope, a Spade, the enchanted Consecration Seed, Glarial's Amulet, and optionally also food and armour.

1. Travel to the Waterfall dungeon north of Glarial's Tombstone.

2. Hop on the raft, use your rope on the rock downriver, use your rope on the dead tree, and enter the dungeon through the doorway.

3. Go into the eastern room and pick up the key from the stacked crates against the northern wall.

4. Go to the far west room and use the key on the northern door to make your way into Glarial's resting place.

5. Walk up to the chalice and left-click the Consecration Seed to plant it in the ground. After a short animation, the spirit of Glarial is once again protected.

6. Return to Islwyn and you will complete the quest!

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