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  • Skills: 21 Thieving, (51 Magic recommended for teleport!)
  • Quests: None
  • Items: None

You need to be able to travel to Brimhaven and Ardougne

(For a helpful map check our World Transport Map at

To get from Brimhaven to Ardougne you could use either:

  • Ardougne Teleport (Magic Lvl 51) Highly Recommended,
  • Take the boat (Customs Officer) for 30 gp,
  • Charter Boat to Port Khazard (400 gp),
  • Charter Boat to Catherby (480 gp),
  • House teleport to Brimhaven (if you have moved your Player-Owned-House there),

Or any other means at your disposal.

Getting Started

Brimhaven Map

Head to Brimhaven on the western section of Karamja Island. The Shrimp and Parrot Pub is identified on the Brimahaven map at point 1. Here you'll need to find Kangai Mau Note he may be difficult to spot at first with the color contrast of the pub interior.

Kangai: “Hello. I'm Kangai Mau of the Rantuki Tribe.”

Your choice should be: “I'm in search of adventure!”

Kangai will go on to explain that Lord Handlemort of Ardougne fancies themselves to an “explorer,” meaning “he think he have the right to to come to my tribal home, steal our stuff and put in his private museum.” You will ask how to locate their house in Ardougne but, sadly, Kangai does not know. Apparently this is up to you!

Fortunately YOU have this guide to help! :)

Now you need to make your way to Ardougne. Use any of the methods mentioned earlier (or any other at your disposal).

First go to the southern entrance of the mansion identified on the Ardougne Map as point 1. Near here you'll find Horacio the Gardener. Right click and choose “Talk-to Horacio”.

Ask him “So…do you garden round the back too?

Horacio will explain the security arrangements around the house and how he deals with them. He will also let slip the secret behind the combination to the door lock.

Now head to speak with Wizard Cromperty located at point 2 on the Ardougne Map above. Ask him “So what have you invented?” He will tell you about his “patent pending teleportation block.

Brave and polite adventurer that you are, you'll ask to be teleported (and even say please)!

After a brief caution on the unpredictability of the outcome and your choosing to agree to the hazards Cromperty will oblige with an “Okey dokey” and off you go…

…and one short “Dipsolum sententa sententi!” later you find yourself at RPDT Depatrment Headquarters at the point parked 3 on the Ardougne Map above.

Right click to investigate the nearby crates until you find one with the announcement: “There is a label on this crate. It says; To Lord Handelmort, Handelmort Mansion Ardougne. You carefully peel it off and take it.

Now investigate the other nearby crate where you are informed: “There is a label on this crate: Senior Patents Clerk, Chamber of Invention, The Wizards' Tower, Misthalin. The crate is securely fastened shut and ready for delivery.

Right click and choose “Use Address label” on the label in your inventory and apply it to this second crate. You are now informed that: “You carefully place the delivery address label over the existing label, covering it completely.

Now right click on and choose “Talk-to RPDT employee” For some reason this employee identifies their company as “G.P.D.T.” rather than “RPDT.” (Exposure to teleportation radiation?)

After a short discussion they agree to deliver the package now.

Head to the Real Estate Office (point 4 on the Ardougne Map) just north west of the RPDT Headqarters. Here you'll find a handy Guide Book on the table. Take this and read it to find the key to the password on the door that you'll soon need!

Now head back to Wizard Cromperty located at point 2 on the Ardougne Map above. (Note: if you are unable to enter Cromperty's house relogging will take care of this.)

Once more go through the dialog asking Cromperty to teleport you (this is the same dialog and you'll have to ask them again what they have invented…perhaps their mind is becoming addled from all this teleport experimentation?)

This time you'll find yourself inside the mansion. Head west through the door and click on the next door to the west. Now you have to enter the combination by using the three dials.

“You hear a satisfying click, signifying that the door has been unlocked”

Once inside this next room you'll see a staircase on the north wall. Right click and choose “Investigate Stairs” to identify a diabolical trap awaiting the unwary! Go up the stairs and head through the door into the room to the east. Here you'll find a chest. Right click it and choose “Search Chest”.

Inside the chest you'll find the missing tribal totem!

To leave the house you will have to teleport out! For best results an Ardougne teleport (or Brimhaven House Teleport if applicable) will help you finish the quest fastest.

Head back to Brimhaven and return the totem to Kangai Mau. Kangai is so overjoyed he gives you a reward of freshly cooked Karamjan fish caught specially by his tribe (Swordfish).

Congratulations! Quest Complete!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 1,775 Thieving XP
  • 5 Swordfish


  • Original quick guide by Ryannathans 7 May 2022
  • Rewrite by Zencro 15 February 2023

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