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Woodcutting is one of the fan favorites of being the most relaxing skill to train in 2009scape. Fun fact that woodcutting is also Ceikry's favorite skill to train inside of 2009scape.

In this guide we will be using both player made guides and just pure knowledge of how the game worked and what is inside of 2009scape. This page is a work in progress like the game itself. More content will be added to the game so more will be added to this Wiki in time.

Where to get an axe

It should be noted that all axes besides dragon and the inferno adze can be obtained by killing Tree Spirits in the Enchanted Forest.

TierLevel Required Where to get it
Bronze1Start the game with it, can be purchased from Bob's Axes, can be found for free in the Lumbridge chicken coop.
Iron1Can be purchased from Bob's Axes, can be found for free in the Varrock sewers.
Steel6Can be purchased from Bob's Axes
Black6Can be obtained from Black Demons, KBD and Clue Scrollsplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigTreasure Trails


Treasure trails are a fairly popular activity in which you follow a trail of clues, in the form of clue scrolls, to a casket at the end which you can loot for some very good potential rewards. With this being 2009scape, a lot of our coordinate clues are very different from OSRS and RS3, due to our map being different, so this page will aim to document the locations of all of our different coordinate clues, and perhaps serve a little bit more information as well.
Mithril21Can be obtained through Smithing or killing various monsters.
Adamant31Can be obtained through Smithing or combat.
Rune41Can be obtained through Smithing or combat.
Dragon61Can only be obtained from Dagannoth Kings.
Inferno Adze61Can only be obtained from lighting all beacons simultaneously in the All Fired Up minigame.

Fastest 1-99 (Traditional Methods)

1-20Normal TreesFrom levels 1 until 20 you should focus on chopping regular trees. You want to go past the 15 requirement for Oaks so that you can chop them faster.
20-45Oak TreesFrom levels 20 until 45 you'll want to focus on chopping oak trees. Again, going until 45 to go well beyond the requirement for Willow trees in order to chop them faster.
45-75/45-99Willow TreesFrom levels 45 until 75 your new best friend is going to be Willows. These are by far the fastest method to get to 99 with traditional means, but some prefer moving to Yews at 75 because they are more AFK.
75-99Yew TreesFrom 75 to 99 you'll want to stick to Yews if you chose to leave Willows. Yews provide the most optimal AFK method to level Woodcutting.
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